TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 12: Ask Him About Stella Review

Keith NoakesFebruary 9, 2018

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Synopsis: In Annalise’s case to help Laurel, damaging details about a key witness are revealed. The Keating Four continue to work on Annalise’s class action lawsuit. (IMDB)

Writer: Tess Leibowitz

Director: Stephen Cragg

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

For those who didn’t already know, it was recently announced that a crossover would take place between How to Get Away With Murder and its fellow TGIT counterpart, Scandal. Now how could that ever work out? This week’s episode of Scandal along with the end of this episode helped paved the way for the epic meeting of Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating. This episode also made plenty of headway in terms of HTGAWM as well.

In the last episode, Isaac was destroyed when he was pressed in court about the death of his daughter Stella. He appeared to be suffering from withdrawal when Annalise visisted his office later on. The beginning of this episode showed us how that moment came to be with Isaac taking his refuge in drugs to deal with his pain. Meanwhile, Frank was still looking into the connection between Laurel’s mother Sandrine and Wes while the rest were helping Annalise with her class-action case.

We also learned that Isaac may not be as well off as it seemed. He admitted to Annalise that he relapsed. This was an interesting role reversal as he used to help her with her addiction. The two then bonded while sharing some life stories over some breakfast. Bonnie tried to involve herself in Isaac case so she can keep an eye on the DA’s investigation.

Annalise’s plan was to call Lahey Sr. as her first witness during the trial. Connor and Michaela argued about the direction she should take. Working on the case from the beginning, Connor felt a sense of pride and wanted to be credited for all the work he put in. Because of all the work he put in, the others thought he should re-enroll in law school. Unfortunately she wouldn’t get the chance to try her case in trial court as her case moved to the Pensylvania supreme court. Lahey Sr. was upset with the result but he was used to hearing bad news. He may have lost his case but Nate assured his father that he wasn’t going to lose him.

Laurel was told that she could see her baby. Apparently Sandrine and Jorge had been communicating frequently with each other. Bonnie found evidence that could have explained Isaac’s role in Stella’s death but she had also been taking the same drug which he was addicted to. When Annalise confronted him about it, he told her the truth about staging Stella’s suicide. Bonnie was unable to get the case dropped so she blackmailed Denver into doing so.

Annalise’s writing of her brief for the Pennsylvania supreme court was intercut with Laurel visiting her baby. After presenting her brief to the judges, she learned that she lost her case. She then informed Isaac that the case against him was dropped. He was high so she called him out on it. Their relationship devolved from there where he blamed her for being worse off. She then called Jacqueline for help before storming off.

Annalise looked down and out and everyone else was ready to give up, however, Michaela wasn’t ready to give up. Connor was going to take classes to catch up and he called his wedding to Oliver back on. Bonnie was worried about recourse from Denver. Frank confronted Sandrine about Wes. Michaela thought that Annalise should take her case to the supreme court but to do so, she needed help. Cue Olivia Pope.

Overall, this was a good episode that gave the remainder of the season some direction for the remainder of the season with Olivia Pope seemingly helping Annalise bring her class-action to the supreme court. Laurel’s baby drama was pushed aside slightly but will surely come back by the end of the season. We don’t know how Sandrine is involved and what Wes had to do with all of this. This season has focused a lot on Isaac, however, the payoff hasn’t quite been there despite Jimmy Smits’ great performance at the end. The crossover in a few weeks will definitely be exciting.

Score: 8/10

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