Day: February 11, 2018

2018 Writers Guild Of America Awards Winners

The movie and TV winners for the 2018 Writers Guild of America Awards were awarded today. (nominees here)

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Homeland Season 7 Episode 1: Enemy of the State Review

Homeland has consistently been one of the better shows on television. After a great first two seasons or so, the quality had taken a dip after it spent several seasons overseas but now things are looking up after a great season 6 ending with an unexpected twist. It will definitely be interesting where this season will go from there.

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30th Annual USC Scripter Awards Winners

The USC Libraries recently awarded their annual winners for their 30th Annual USC Scripter Awards. (nominees here)

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Fake Blood – An Enjoyable Documentary

Fake Blood left me in an extreme place of uncertainty and disbelief causing me to question all I had just seen for some time well after the film finished. Typically, this form of disturbance casts a negative view towards a movie, however, I cannot remember a time where I’ve had more fun watching a documentary about violence.

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Here and Now Season 1 Episode 1: Eleven Eleven (Early Review)

Tim Robbins, Holly Hunter, Alan Ball, and HBO seem like a great combination for a series.

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Classic Review: The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

The original Lego Movie is one of my favorite movies of all time so I was excited to see what a film featuring one of the best parts of that film, Will Arnett’s Batman, would look like. It was definitely one of the best films of 2017 and would’ve been my pick for the Best Animated Film Oscar if Coco didn’t exist. It also happens to be the best Batman film since Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Not only was it hilarious, the voice acting was great all around, and it also featured the criminally underrated Friends are Family. (original review)

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Classic Review: Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

If you would like to read my review of Fifty Shades Freed, click here. This was the second film of a now three film franchise based on the erotic novel series. While the film series is bad in just about every way, at least this film was trashy fun and a slight improvement over the original. This series was never for people like me to begin with but I can understand why some may like it. It’s a fantasy but some of us live in the real world. (original review)

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