Day: February 27, 2018

iZombie Season 4 Episode 1: Are You Ready For Some Zombies? Review

After what has felt like the longest hiatus ever, I am so thrilled iZombie is finally back! We last left our merry band of friends in the midst of a zombie outbreak, courtesy of Filmore-Graves. However, that is not the craziest thing to have taken place as season three came to a close. Ravi finally believes he has come up with a “zombie vaccination” and asks Liv to scratch him so he can test it out. I am such a big fan of this show, mainly because of its stellar and hilarious cast. Their on-screen chemistry never ceases to amaze me, and I love watching their silly dynamic take over every episode. The progression of the world finding out about zombies has been such a fun thing to watch and I look forward to season four’s storyline as the group grapples the world around them casually eating brains–and a quarantined Seattle. It is going to be a great one!

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The Oscars (2018) Honest Trailer

Honest trailers is back for their annual expose of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees. While not as great as last year’s video, their analysis of this year’s nominees was still pretty spot on with a little something for everyone. They’re totally right about The Shape of Water, Call Me By Your Name, Darkest Hour, and The Post. It will be exciting to see which film comes out on top after this year’s 90th Academy Awards on Sunday. You can expect our predictions soon. For even more honesty, click here.

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 15: Heartfelt Review

If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

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This Week in Home Video (Tuesday February 27th)

If you are unsure about this week’s DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital releases, maybe my site’s reviews can help.

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