TV ReviewsiZombie Season 4 Episode 1: Are You Ready For Some Zombies? Review

Ariba BhuvadFebruary 27, 2018

After what has felt like the longest hiatus ever, I am so thrilled iZombie is finally back! We last left our merry band of friends in the midst of a zombie outbreak, courtesy of Filmore-Graves. However, that is not the craziest thing to have taken place as season three came to a close. Ravi finally believes he has come up with a “zombie vaccination” and asks Liv to scratch him so he can test it out. I am such a big fan of this show, mainly because of its stellar and hilarious cast. Their on-screen chemistry never ceases to amaze me, and I love watching their silly dynamic take over every episode. The progression of the world finding out about zombies has been such a fun thing to watch and I look forward to season four’s storyline as the group grapples the world around them casually eating brains–and a quarantined Seattle. It is going to be a great one!

Synopsis: While investigating the murder of a superfan of the Seattle Seahawks, Liv has a surprising vision. Major mentors young, homeless zombies, while Ravi still carries a torch for Peyton. Blaine deals with a threat looming from his past. (TVGuide)

Writer: Rob Thomas 

Director: Dan Etheridge

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

The season 4 premiere of iZombie is fun, exciting, and takes us right into the heart of zombie-ridden Seattle. With zombies now living out in the open, Seattle has become a war zone with a wall enclosing the city with its undead and living population. New Seattle calls for humans and zombies to live and work in the same vicinity. Filmore-Graves is out keeping New Seattle safe and sound while the police department must work with their zombie counterparts to solve crime. Even with all the changes in the world of iZombie, it is so refreshing to see the heart and tone of the series remain the same. The characters are just as goofy and erratic and the plot is just as interesting.

As is the way of iZombie, this episode has Liv eating the brains of a hardcore anti-zombie Seattle Seahawks fan. This calls for some hilarious moments as Liv becomes a football junkie. While Liv and Clive work to solve the murder of the brain factory worker, the city is on the cusp of disaster. The confinement is causing a shortage of brains, and with the increased zombie population, things are starting to get tense. Not to mention, a zombie guillotine has been created as a threat. An anti-zombie group is also making its way around the city, wrecking havoc and tension in New Seattle. At the center of it is Filmore-Graves and Major trying to maintain the peace–or their version of it. It was nice to see Major revert back to his counselor days as he gathers a group of zombie kids to keep them off the streets and away from any trouble.

Blaine is trying to keep afloat with his myriad of businesses, including running The Scratching Post alongside Don E. It was funny to see brain dishes being served so openly in this new world–which Blaine seems to be profiting from. Peyton made a brief appearance during the episode, which will hopefully be one of many this season without a guy in tow. And there is Ravi, the cliffhanger mystery we were dying to find out about at the conclusion of season three. Is he a zombie? Did the vaccine work? It appears he has the best of both worlds and is able to go in and out of the zombie state. Every time Liv scratches him he becomes a zombie but is able to revert back to his human state. Kohli stole the episode with his hilarity as Ravi, especially when he eats the brain of a nudist inventor.

The season four premiere is such a promising start to what will surely be another amazing season. iZombie‘s ability to always keep the audience engaged and tuned into it’s story is a feat not every bizarre comedy can easily accomplish. The premise is so different from that of other zombie shows, and its comedic twist really makes it so much fun to watch. This was an enjoyable premiere and it will be interesting to see where the story goes this season, and if New Seattle will eventually go full-on zombie.

Score: 7.5/10

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