TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 11: All the Comforts of Home Review

Keith NoakesMarch 3, 2018

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Synopsis: Coulson and his team are out to rewrite the fate of humanity but they are unaware how the changes will affect one S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s life. (IMDB)

Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg

Director: Kate Woods

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

So the gang is back on present day Earth. We got a glimpse of it earlier this season with Fitz and Hunter’s standalone adventure and now the rest of the gang are all part of it. Just like we didn’t know much about General Hale and her dislike for Shield then, we don’t know that much more now other than there a few more players involved.

One of these players is Hale’s teenage daughter Ruby (Dove Cameron). They had a contentious relationship like most mothers and daughters. Ruby was obsessed with Daisy. Hale mentioned that her assignment was to capture Shield.

The team returned to the present day version of the Lighthouse and we greeted by a message explaining the Lighthouse’s purpose by General Rick Stoner (Patrick Warburton). It was meant for an incident in the 1980s that never happened. Other monoliths were also being stored. They also met another chronicom named Noah (Joel David Moore). 

They were later alerted about a light coming from the sky near St. Louis, Missouri and decided to investigate. They were all wanted so it wouldn’t be easy to drive through the nearby town. Luckily, the police officer who stopped them didn’t make the connection. Also, Deke got transported to the present as well as was amazed with the present and zima. Daisy stayed behind and got an alert to Deke’s arrival and posed as a social worker to get him released. She was almost discovered but got him out.

The light wasn’t coming from the sky but rather projected into the sky from the same beacon that Hive used to call the Kree to Earth. Meanwhile, Yo-Yo was worried about what her future self told her about what would happen. Once they arrived in St. Louis, they found Piper (Briana Venskus), a Shield agent whose mostly been on the periphery. The light was just a ruse to attract Shield so Hale could capture them. Piper briefly betrayed them (before later saving them) and were attacked by a team of robot soldiers and a masked assailant with sharp rings as weapons. The person threw one of the rings which chopped Yo-Yo’s arms off (so that’s how future Yo-Yo lost her arms).

Once the team returned, Simmons tended to Yo-Yo while they wheeled the beacon into storage. Meanwhile, the masked assailant was Ruby whose room was just a bunker in a base. Instead of cooling down, the beacon was heating up and exploded.

The last scene was of Hale recruiting Carl Creel to join a team she was assembling.

Overall, this was a decent episode that set up the team’s return to present day Earth and introduced some new characters (and an old one) for them to contend with but it didn’t give us that many answers. Presumably this is because of the epic 100th episode next week. Who knows if they’ll fix the future since it’s already different than the flashforward we saw a few episodes ago. Hopefully Coulson doesn’t die but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Score: 7.5/10

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