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Keith NoakesMarch 26, 2018

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Synopsis: Carrie makes a move. Wellington has a reckoning. Saul expands an operation. (IMDB)

Writers: Patrick Harbinson and Chip Johannessen

Director: Lesli Linka Glatter

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 54mins

Airs: Sundays at 9pm on Super Channel (Canada)/Showtime (United States)

Carrie falls into old habits, Saul takes charge, and we’re all in on Russia. We also got our first glimpse of the Vice President.

This episode picked up where the last ended with the team going over Dante’s apartment. He woke up for a second but just went back down. They didn’t get everything to everything but Carrie believed that she could find another way in. However, she had to go back to Maggie who was worried about her and was upset with her behavior. Upset, Carrie stormed off with Frannie.

Saul visited Wellington to ask him about how he met Martin. He then went on to share his suspicions about what she would testify to under oath. He believed that she was a Russian agent who would implicate him in an attempt to bring down the U.S. government. Saul wanted to know as much as he could about her while Wellington was obviously not happy with this news, he wanted him to keep playing along.

When Max returned to his apartment, he was greeted by Saul who wanted to know about what he was doing with Carrie. He knew about the surveillance on Wellington. He was also interested in what he found at Dante’s. Saul took him to his team to work and forced Max to report to him about what he’d find and not Carrie. Saul’s team later found a connection between Martin and Russia through her charity which was more of a Russian front.

Carrie took Frannie to a motel where she attempted to use a credit card with someone else’s name. Frannie was confused about what was happening. Dante called her to ask about what happened and what didn’t happen last night. Hearing about their situation, he offered to have them stay at his apartment for as long as they needed. After he left, Carrie took it upon herself to snoop some more. While that was happening, Frannie inadvertently found Dante’s old wedding album. His ex-wife also worked for the government.

While Dante visited Maggie to get some things for Frannie, Carrie visited Dante’s ex-wife to learn more about him. While looking for a specific toy, Dante went into Carrie’s room to do some snooping of his own. Dante’s ex-wife told Carrie about how he was treated unfairly for a failed assignment in Afghanistan and appeared to resent Carrie for it. He lied about a few things including what happened afterwards and continued to work overseas where he could have been recruited.

Keane refused to comment on Wellington’s video and didn’t even know where he was. The Vice-President (Beau Bridges) wanted to know about Martin, her connection to Wellington, and what may happen from it. She took offense from his line of questioning considering the ongoing investigation into her. Before speaking at a medal ceremony, Keane received an envelope from Wellington containing his resignation letter and explanation why. This set her aback.

Saul presented his evidence against Martin to a judge in order for him to question her before she was set to question her about her Russian connections. The judge was against it because he believed that the fact that he was asking this at the same time that she appeared in a contentious video with Wellington wasn’t a coincidence and that Saul would be performing witness tampering.

Keane called Saul about Wellington’s resignation letter and they talked about Russia. He told her about his task force and his failed attempt at presenting his case against Martin to a judge. They both believed that Martin shouldn’t get to testify but there was nothing that could be done at that point. Max found a connection between Martin and Dante, connecting each of their work overseas. Their next move was to go after Dante. Meanwhile, Keane continued to read Wellington’s letter and wanted to stop at his house to confront him. She did not accept his resignation.

When Carrie returned to Dante’s apartment, she didn’t appreciate him going to her sister’s house behind her back. Things got heated and then things got heated in a different sense as they confronted each other about their earlier meetings. Meanwhile, Saul was waiting with a team outside ready to intercept Dante.

While they were having sex, Saul’s team came in and arrested Dante.

Overall, this was a good episode that brought all the parties together into the Russian story. Meanwhile, an impulsive Carrie ran away from her caring sister and into the arms of someone who is probably working for Russia to undermine the U.S.. She has let her emotions cloud her judgement in the past and it was unclear if this was the case here or if her relationship with Dante was out of convenience. Saul has taken charge here which is encouraging to see. It will definitely be interesting to see where it will all go and maybe Keane will get a break for once.

Score: 8.5/10

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