TV ReviewsLife Sentence Season 1 Episode 4: How Stella Got Her Groove On Review

Ariba BhuvadMarch 29, 2018

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Synopsis: When Stella decides to apply for a manager position, she learns another secret about her past, forcing her to figure out what she really wants to do with her life. Knowing that they need money, Wes starts secretly working on a project which upsets Stella. With the house sold, Peter and Aiden find themselves in an interesting living situation. Meanwhile, Aiden is ready to take on the responsibility of being a father but learns some shocking news that changes things. (TVGuide)

Writers: Lisa Melamed, Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith

Director: Roger Kumble

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

AirsWednesday at 8pm on Bravo (Canada)/The CW (United States)

With the rest of the family moving forward, this week on Life Sentence has Stella aspiring to make something of herself. However, there is a slight hurdle she must overcome–graduating high school. As we’ve come to know, Stella’s parents did what they could to protect her and keep her happy during the time she was sick. Unbeknownst to her, she didn’t actually graduate high school, but her father convinced the school to give her an honorary diploma instead. She comes to find this out when she wants to apply for a managerial position at the coffee shop and then decides to study for her GED.

Aiden had quite the adventure this episode between his baby mama and his father sleeping with a woman he had once slept with. When he goes over to Marlene’s house, he realizes that she is quite wealthy and owns a skincare company. He offers to move in since her ex has finally moved out, but Stella isn’t too keen on how quickly Aiden is progressing his relationship with Marlene.

Things get awkward and funny when Stella wakes up from a nap after studying to find a pantless Wes webcamming with a British woman. She mistakes him for doing something inappropriate but finds out that he has left the world of finance behind and is focusing on wealth management again. These two just can’t catch a break, can they?

With Peter now dating, he asks Aiden to move out, which works out since Aiden has his eyes set on Marlene’s mansion. Diego and Wes connect in this week’s episode as they both share the stresses of their lives and the expectations they have set for themselves. Wes confides in Diego and tells him he hates his job but he needs to work to provide for Stella. His real passion? Making furniture, but he doesn’t feel like it’s something he can actually do right now, even though Stella wants him to.

After running into her former, very successful classmate, Stella is motivated to reach for the stars, so to speak. She decides to ask her oncologist for a letter of recommendation so she can apply for the job she has her eye on. While visiting the hospital, she runs into Marlene and Aiden who are going in for a sonogram. As they are all viewing the sonogram together, Aiden decides to go all out and propose to Marlene–much to Stella’s displeasure. He reminds Stella that she and Wes had only known one another for a short amount of time as well, and he just wants to do right by Marlene and their baby. He decides to have a dinner at Marlene’s house where he plans to share the news with the rest of the family. The family dinner turns upside down when Ida realizes the gestational age on the sonogram indicates that Aiden is not the father since he did not know Marlene at the time.

Stella gets disheartened taking the GED and walks out of it before she can finish. When she arrives home, Wes is there with flowers and cake, but it upsets her even more. She doesn’t want Wes to sacrifice his passion just for a job, but he tells her he doesn’t want to be resented by her.

Despite her resistance, Peter finds a way to get Stella a legitimate high school diploma. When she refuses, he pushes back and says she will always be his little girl, and he wants to help her set up her life. The episode ends on a happy, uplifting note because Stella realizes that while she may not know where she’s headed, she can make a difference in the lives of those around her.

Life Sentence continues to be an uplifting, light-hearted dramedy, and this week helped us focus on the positive over the bad. Life has its problems and obstacles but with support, trust, and communication–anything is possible. While there are some slow moments (specifically the Marlene plot), it was good to see that storyline come to a close and the series will continue to push ahead and focus on other elements. Next week’s promo shows a mysterious woman showing up at Wes and Stella’s doorstep. Who is she? We’ll find out next week!

Score: 7.5/10

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