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Ariba BhuvadApril 10, 2018

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Synopsis: Under the watchful eye of Dr. Simon, Rachel attempts to help her father come off his medication, forcing her to make a painful decision. Jay delivers difficult news regarding his new show. Quinn and Chet take matters into their own hands with two of the contestants, making Everlasting gold. (TVGuide)

Writers: Freddy Gaitan & Ashley Sims

Director: Hanelle Culpepper

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime Canada (Canada)/Lifetime (United States)

This week UnREAL takes us on Serena’s journey to visit the hometown of one of the participants. And while she grapples with the decision on who she will pick, Quinn connects with an old friend, Fiona (Tracie Thoms). The connection is so strong in fact, that she suggests they do a show together.

And while Fiona is not convinced Quinn is into doing quality television, Quinn brings her into the world of Everlasting in hopes of convincing her. “Hometown Heroes” is the theme of this week’s episode and Rachel is dead set on pushing Serena to pick Owen. The idea of forming a perfect family with Owen and her daughter becomes Rachel’s sole focus and she eventually convinces Serena to pick him.

The cast and crew sans the other participants, Quinn, Madison, and Jeremy’s girlfriend head off to Colorado to visit Owen’s hometown. But things don’t exactly go as expected. Owen already harbored doubts about letting Serena come visit his daughter but when she reacts awkwardly to his daughter calling her “new mommy”–things get tense. Rachel finds herself questioning her decision to push Serena towards Owen and calls Quinn to say she’s going to call it off.

Quinn is not ready to accept defeat and flies to Colorado to handle the mess. Quinn being Quinn takes it a step too far and decides to bring in a clown to rattle up Owen’s daughter. Out of fear, she runs out into the street and nearly gets run over, but Serena heroically saves the day by grabbing her before she is hit. While this solidifies the connection between Owen, Serena, and his daughter, Rachel is furious with Quinn for creating such a dangerous situation. When they return to set, she shares this news with Chet.

While the crew is in Colorado, the boys are back on set and start some trouble of their own. August has pretty much accepted defeat and begins to dig holes in the backyard as a means to be more environmentally efficient. Jasper and Zack decide to follow in his footsteps if only to impress Serena. This results in a camera-perfect moment that Madison has captured while the boys fight shirtless.

After returning to set, August and Serena get a moment to talk which manages to get him another week on the show, despite his distance from Serena. During the elimination ceremony, she decides to cut Zack with whom she feels there is only a friendly connection. Even though she decides to keep Alexei on, she has no idea he is sleeping with and doing drugs with Jay, who is slowly unraveling every week.

Rachel is still dealing her dad being in the treatment facility and checks up on him daily. Jeremy becomes more invested in Rachel’s well-being which causes some friction between him and his girlfriend. Things are about to get more complicated as Rachel learns that her dad has checked out of the facility–and is once again with her mom.

Chet asks Quinn to be his character witness in the battle to gain custody of his son. However, things get heated when he confronts her after the Colorado debacle and she refuses to help him. This is not the greatest move on her part because at the end of the episode Gary calls Chet asking him to help him take down Quinn. He promises Chet he will put him on the path to win an Emmy but he has to help destroy Quinn in the process. Yikes.

UnREAL is pretty intense this week and sets the stage for the back half of the season. Quinn is in danger of being taken down not only by Gary but now Chet as well. And now Rachel must face her mother once again and along with it, the demons of her past. And will Jay lose control of his life and lose all that he has worked for? There is so much at stake and we can’t wait to see where next week will take us!

Score: 8/10

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