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Ariba BhuvadApril 11, 2018

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Synopsis: The Mechanic discovers what Thinker has been doing to her, and Breacher comes asking Cisco for help. Meanwhile, Team Flash goes after Subject 11, who can control gravity, and Barry questions if Ralph takes anything seriously.  (TVGuide) 

Writers: Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim

Director: Kevin Smith

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43 minutes

Airs: Tuesdays at 8pm on CTV (Canada)/The CW (United States)

After a three week hiatus, The Flash returns with a mediocre start to the rest of the season. Once again, the focus fell on Ralph, who couldn’t seem to tone down the jokes a bit to do what needed to be done–at least according to Barry. It also feels like the bus meta-human storyline is just getting to be too much of a bore, and I’m once again craving the momentary break we had from it back in “Flashtime”.

The episode begins with Ralph and Barry trying to run simulated drills on how to take down the Thinker. However, Ralph isn’t exactly up to the task and begins goofing around, which pisses Barry off. Cisco and Iris want Ralph to morph into Barry so while they’re fighting DeVoe they can confuse him, but Ralph isn’t on board with the plan.

Meanwhile, Harry uses his version of the thinking cap to find the last two bus meta-humans–Edwin Gauss and Janet Petty. While Edwin seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, Janet has been a difficult person to locate in general.

To Cisco’s surprise, Breacher (Gypsy’s dad) shows up asking for help because he is unable to vibe anymore. Because he wants to impress her dad, Cisco agrees to help, roping in Caitlin to run some tests.

Marlize has some revelations during this episode, well as we learn, revelations she has already had. DeVoe’s health has been slowly deteriorating and wants Marlize to fix the chair to prolong his life.

In this week’s Kevin Smith directed episode,  he makes a guest appearance as himself during a scene at the museum where the latest bus meta-human, Null, shows up. She manages to break a crate by levitating it and stealing a tiara from inside it. Joe, Barry, and Ralph go to investigate the scene to figure out which meta is responsible for this crime.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin learns that Breach is unable to vibe because of his old age. Cisco has a hard time telling Breacher this and lies by giving him anti-histamine pills, saying this is the cure he needs. Of course, Breacher finds out the hard way when he goes to fight off vampires and is still unable to vibe. Cisco shows up and rescues him, telling him the truth of what exactly is happening to him.

Marlize makes a discovery of her own when she accidentally shatters her coffee mug to find some substance inside of it. She finds out DeVoe has been using Weeper’s tears to keep her under a spell. When she goes to record a video to remind herself of the betrayal, she learns that she has already discovered this secret multiple times before–and DeVoe knows.

The team runs the meta’s fingerprints back at the lab and finds out she has multiple aliases she operates under. After Ralph and Barry track down her location, they run into an investigator. Ralph morphs into Joe and makes a mess of the situation. Not only do they find Null there, but she touches Barry and causes him to float to the ceiling.

After trying to reverse what Null has done to Barry, Harry learns that if they just let him be, he’ll float down on his own. Once Barry returns to normal, he confronts Ralph about his comedic attitude lately and says it’s becoming detrimental to their team and benches him.

Barry tries to face Null on his own but fails because as he handcuffs her, she simultaneously levitates a car into the sky and lets it fall down. She escapes while Barry goes to save the guy inside the car. Meanwhile, Harry is extremely frustrated with not being able to think of ways to take down DeVoe or find the meta-humans. He feels the Thinking Cap isn’t doing what it is supposed to.

Barry realizes that Ralph is an asset to the team and apologizes for benching him. Ralph shares how his childhood was for him and explains his humor is his shield to handle difficult things in life. Luckily, when they face Null once again, Ralph comes to the rescue and improvises and saves the day by capturing Null.

As the episode ends, Breacher tells Cisco he is retiring and tells Cisco to take his job. Meanwhile, DeVoe insists that Marlize fix the Thinking Chair because the current body DeVoe is in only has one week left. Harry goes into the secret lair and calls on Gideon. It looks like he is going to the next best thing to get the help he needs.

This week’s The Flash was not absolutely horrible but just didn’t have the excitement this show is capable of. There are so many great characters at the heart of it but it feels like the show hasn’t been using them to their greatest potential. What happened to Iris’ blog writing? And why can’t Ralph just keep it together? And can this bus meta-human story just end already? Let’s hope that as the season approaches its finale things get wrapped up and just a tad bit more exciting, because The Flash really needs it.

Score: 6.5/10

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