Day: April 24, 2018

Tribeca 2018: State Like Sleep Review

This will be the first of several reviews from this year’s Tribeca film Festival. To follow our coverage, click here. Advertisements


Avengers: Infinity War – A Near-Perfect Superhero Flick (Early Guest Review)

Finally what I consider the most anticipated film of the year. It isn’t like it’s 10 years in the making and the culmination of 18 previous movies coming together in part one of a climactic conclusion to a ground-breaking franchise model. Definitely not a big deal. This is […]

Super Troopers 2 – The Mustaches Ride Again (Guest Review)

Back in 2001, the comedian group of guys who went by the stage name of “Broken Lizard” released their sophomore feature length film Super Troopers. While Super Troopers only made a very mild splash during its box office run, which is not bad considering the movie made roughly […]

I Feel Pretty – A Solid Topical Comedy (Guest Review)

I am a sucker for romantic comedies. There is just something about them. Yes, they are mostly unrealistic in nature, but for some unseen reason, they are irresistible. Deep down it’s because rom-coms always contain some form of much needed closure, but I also very predictable.

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