TV ReviewsBarry Season 1 Episode 6: Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face Review

Keith NoakesApril 29, 2018

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Synopsis: Barry tries to fly solo at a remote airstrip, but Taylor still wants in. Vacha looks to exact revenge on the man who killed his brother, despite Pazar’s hands-off orders. Moss tries to end her association with Gene, but finds herself drawn to his classroom at a critical juncture. Sally lobbies for a major acting challenge. (HBO)

Writer: Emily Heller

Director: Hiro Murai

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 30mins

Airs: Sundays at 10:30pm on HBO Canada (Canada)/HBO (United States)

As much as Barry thinks he’s in control, he’s not in control.

The episode started with Barry, Taylor, and Fuches doing some recon in preparation for the Bolivians. Barry continued to pitch Taylor to Fuches, however, he wasn’t yet convinced on him while Barry continued to pitch the job to Taylor who was more supportive. Taylor suggested that he should kill Fuches but Barry was hesitant because of their close connection. He also gave Barry some money from their last mission. Barry didn’t want it because it was dirty.

At the acting class, Barry found the dirty money that Taylor put in his bag which Barry decided to hide in the restroom. Sally and Barry weren’t together in their latest scene. Cousineau helped them out with an exercise. In order to get Taylor off his case, Barry decided to take on the Bolivians solo. Meanwhile, Sally wanted to be challenged with a more difficult solo part while Cousineau urged her to utilize the supporting cast. Meanwhile, Pazar ordered Vacha (Mark Ivanir), the man who had been following Barry, to leave him alone but he couldn’t and followed him all the way to the class although it wasn’t running at the time.

Realizing that she was too close, Moss tried to break up with Cousineau but she couldn’t get away from the acting class. As Vacha left the class, she stumbled upon him and suspected something wasn’t right based on his accent. She chased him and engaged him in a firefight where she eventually took him out. She also found the money that Barry had stashed.

Taylor was gearing up for the Bolivians behind Barry’s back and brought in Chris and the other guys to rush them. Barry didn’t want any part of it. As they rushed the incoming Bolivians, they shot up their SUV.

Overall, this was a decent episode in a season full of decent episodes. There were some fun moments here again, however, the story as a whole is moving way too slowly and we’re not that much further from where we started. With only 2 episodes left this season, it has not yet found a direction so let’s hope it does, maybe not for this season’s sake but for the next one.

Score: 7/10

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