TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 19: Option Two Review

Keith NoakesMay 2, 2018

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Synopsis: The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy the earth is put into motion. (IMDB)

Writers: Nora Zuckerman and Lilla Zuckerman

Director: Kevin Tancharoen

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

Airs: Fridays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

The episode started with Coulson sharing their plan to slingshot the gravitonium into the sun. May and Daisy were secretly finding a way to save Coulson. Talbot revealed to Coulson that in his brainwashed state, he may have sent out their location. An alien shipped appeared over the lighthouse. Responding to the lighthouse security system, Coulson sealed everyone inside for at least 15 years after not reading the whole menu and choosing the wrong option.

A message was sent from the ship from Qovas (Peter Mensah) asking for the gravitonium but Coulson wasn’t worried. Mack was still upset with Yo-Yo. May told Coulson was Daisy was really up to which just worried Yo-Yo. While she told them what her future self told her, including that Coulson should die, he was starting to put the pieces together. Meanwhile, the aliens were using their transportation technology to enter the lighthouse. The attacking aliens were part of a race of scavengers who could see in the dark. The mission now was to evacuate.

Daisy met with Caine who offered her a potential solution for Coulson which was the same thing that was used to keep John Garrett alive. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons had to separate to find a way out of the lighthouse. Deke had a vested interest in keeping both of them alive so he saved Fitz but unfortunately, the aliens destroyed their only way out. The new plan was to make a stand.

The team were forced to make their own stand in different parts of the lighthouse. No one trusted Talbot to help in his current state which was the right choice until he found the chamber and took out Simmons before deciding to use it on himself. As everybody was making their stand, a newly-transformed Talbot emerged and saved the day, shocking everyone.

The last scene was of Daisy digging Jiaying‘s grave.

Overall, this was a great episode that took a little while to get going but the siege was exciting to watch, especially seeing Talbot’s transformation. It appears that he may be the destroyer of worlds. Hopefully he’ll use his powers for good and not evil. There were a few other interesting developments concerning Coulson that were introduced here. With the season and possibly the series coming to an end, they should try to keep everyone alive. No Infinity War reference yet.

Score: 9/10

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