Day: May 4, 2018

Kusama:Infinity ROE Pass Giveaway (Canada Only)

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Overboard (2018) – A Pointless Remake (Guest Review)

So apparently, you Canucks don’t have access to the great American export of Trash Hollywood Remakes so I’m stepping in this week for a review of Overboard (2018). Believe it or not, there are other movies in theatres not named Avengers: Infinity War. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the alternatives are very good.

Fishbowl California – An Indie Dramedy Gem (Guest Review)

With the introduction of services like Amazon, iTunes and others, more and more companies opt to release their films online rather than push for a limited theater release. Many of these films would have been categorized as straight-to-DVD or VOD films in terms of quality, but sometimes you […]

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