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Keith NoakesMay 8, 2018

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Synopsis: The squad is on high alert after an apparent threat is made on Riggs’ life. With Murtaugh taking on more responsibility at work, he and Riggs have to deal with their changing relationship. Meanwhile, Trish gets caught up in some trouble and Molly asks Riggs to make a big decision about their future. (IMDB)

Writers: Matt Miller and Katie Varney 

Director: Steve Boyum

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Tuesdays at 8pm on Citytv (Canada)/FOX (United States)

So series star Clayne Crawford got fired today which makes this Season 2 finale his last episode and a Season 3 renewal is now an uncertainty. It will be difficult without Crawford for sure. While this was a good episode, it is no series finale.

The episode started with Riggs visiting Miranda’s grave where she tried to convince him to kill himself so they could be together again. It was just a dream. Molly wants him to start moving in. Murtaugh expected a surprise party after being named captain but his family hadn’t planned one. He hadn’t told Riggs yet about his promotion so he tried to hint it at him subtly. Murtaugh gifted Riggs a book full of memories of their time together and of course Riggs didn’t have much to gift in return. Ultimately, they were interrupted by Riggs’s trailer getting shot up.

This was Murtaugh’s last day as a detective so the focus then shifted to figuring out who wanted Riggs dead and that list was a long one. Avery took it rather personally but it was just an act. Molly was not happy about the news. She wanted him to move with her and Ben back to Texas and Riggs was going to think about it and not flat-out reject the notion. Murtaugh wondered why he wanted to give all of it up but he was doing the same.

The motorcycle that shot up Riggs’ trailer was connected to Grant Davenport, indirectly since it actually belonged to Riggs’ father who just happened to work for Davenport. His father claimed that he was only there to talk about Garrett but Riggs seemed convinced that he wanted to kill him. While talking to Cahill, she wanted him to forgive himself.

To try and save his other son, Riggs’ father strong-armed Davenport for bail money for Garrett. Once evidence proved his father was innocent, Riggs decided to chase a lead on his own. When Murtaugh caught up with him, he claimed to be going to his surprise party. He actually crashed into a bar with who he thought tried to kill him but the person who may have been responsible drove away on a motorcycle. Riggs chased him on a motorcycle of his own, however, that went nowhere. In reality, Murtaugh was the target.

Trish was relieved that the danger will be over soon. As she was leaving her office, Riggs’s father was having an argument with one of her co-workers about accounts that ended with a gunshot. She took a picture of him before getting away. Murtaugh’s supposed hitman made calls to Trish’s law firm so he and Riggs went to investigate. Murtaugh found Trish’s phone and watched her recording but she was missing. Riggs’s father needed money from her. The hit on Murtaugh was because Trish’s co-worker was money laundering.

After she transferred the money and Riggs’ father was about to kill Trish, he got a call from Garrett who Murtaugh and Riggs took to exchange for Trish. However, Riggs’ father also did not want anyone going after them, he even threatened to go after Molly and Ben if they did. After the exchange, a helicopter came to take Riggs’ father but before he could get there, Riggs chased after him and fought him. Meanwhile, Garrett ran away. While he was being choked out, Riggs starting got flashes of all the abuse he received at the hands of his father. Murtaugh stopped the choking, however, Riggs got stabbed instead. He blew up Riggs’ trailer with a few thugs inside meanwhile Riggs struck and killed his father with a rock.

Riggs decided to move to Texas with Molly and Ben. He said goodbye to Cahill before getting a surprise party at Murtaugh’s house. Everybody was there and in typical fashion, didn’t give much of a speech. Trish still found the time to thank Riggs for keeping Murtaugh safe every night. Murtaugh gave him one last goodbye before Riggs thanked him for saving his life. Riggs made one more stop to deliver flowers to Miranda’s grave and to say goodbye. Garrett showed up and shot him.

Overall, this was a good episode and a worthy end to the season. However, if it this episode is the series finale, the cliffhanger may leave some disappointed. Also, after all the buildup that Riggs’ father got this season, the way he was utilized was slightly disappointing. It was still an exciting episode, including a fun twist, but the late inclusion of Garrett this season made it difficult to invest in that part of the story thus hurting this last story arc as a result. This series definitely has a lot more stories to tell but with Clayne Crawford gone, it’s going to have a hard time keeping its audience, myself included.

Score: 8.5/10

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