TV ReviewsLife Sentence Season 1 Episode 8: Sleepless Near Seattle Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 12, 2018

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Synopsis: Stella suddenly finds herself on a road trip with Dr. Grant and Sadie to help get Sadie into a clinical trial. While Stella is away, Wes gets a call from his ex about a job opportunity. Peter and Aiden try to find a new normal between them, and Aiden discovers an unexpected new friend. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Diego learn that their son is being bullied at school, which brings out a new side of Diego.   (TVGuide)

Writer: Zach Dodes

Director: Ellen S. Pressman

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

AirsThursdays at 10pm on Bravo (Canada)/Fridays at 9pm on The CW (United States)

This week brought some saddening news as we learned CW has decided to cancel Life Sentence and not bring it back for another season. I will miss this show because while it wasn’t always perfect, the message at its core is very inspiring. But alas, this is not the case and we have just a handful of episodes left.

The Abbott family is recovering from the aftermath of Aiden’s sentencing after last week’s episode. Luckily, he got off relatively scot-free with community service hours, one week in jail, and an ankle bracelet. After his week in prison, he heads to help build houses for community service. He befriends a woman who seems interested in him but he chooses to hide his current situation from her out of embarrassment.

Stella and Wes’ relationship continues to be rocky after Stella heads to Seattle with Dr. Grant and Sadie for the clinical trial. Of course, this doesn’t exactly sit well with Wes but he chooses to support her anyway, despite his doubts about Dr. Grant’s intentions. Sadie has a moment of indecision about getting the trial but Stella convinces her that it’s worth it, especially if it means saving her life.

Back at home, Diego and Lizzie deal with a bullying situation involving Jack, who has become the target of one of the bullies at school. Lizzie decides to go full-on Mama Bear and pays a visit to the kid’s mother so they can handle the situation. However, the mother decides to turn a blind eye and shrugs off Lizzie’s request. Things escalate when Diego bumps into the kid’s father at their kickball tournament and asks Diego to back off. Out of anger, Diego bum rushes the father during the game and injures him.

Aiden still refrains from telling the truth and ends up blowing off the community service when she asks him to come out with her and her friends. Diego and Wes come to the rescue and spend the evening with him since he can’t be out anywhere past 8 p.m. During their bro session, Wes gets a call from Stella informing him that they are staying the night in Seattle since they got delayed. Our heart goes out to Wes who is clearly breaking up inside over knowing Dr. Grant is in the hotel room next to Stella’s.

As we sort of expected, Wes decides to pick up one of Pippa’s calls after her reaching out for days. A part of us is worried Wes may end up cheating on Stella, and our hearts sink a bit more when Wes decides to take a job interview in San Francisco after Pippa recommends him for the job. Stella is bombarded with this news after returning from Seattle, which is thankfully a success after Sadie decides to go ahead with the trial.

Will Wes decide to take the job in San Francisco if he gets it? Is this the end of Stella and Wes? And will Stella continue to ignore Dr. Grant’s subtle advances? Since the series is going to come to an end, let’s hope that these storylines end on a good note, giving the fans of Life Sentence proper closure.

Score: 7/10

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