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UnREAL Season 3 Review

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UnREAL is one of my favorite dramas to tune into, but I have to say I’m not entirely sure that the third season was its absolute best. Sure, there were great moments involving Quinn’s self-discovery or Rachel’s usual downward spiral, or even the takedown of Gary. But there seemed to be something missing by the time the season came to an end.

Individually every episode was strong and provided fans with the usual drama and relentless humor UnREAL is known for. But we did get thrown back into Rachel’s drama, which has become quite repetitive with each season. This season focuses a lot on her past and the fractured relationship she has with her mother. It helps us understand how deeply rooted her childhood trauma is in her and why she is the person we see now.

While the story remained somewhat the same, the writing for Rachel’s character was very intriguing this season, and Shiri Appleby killed it as always. Sure, we expected her to go crazy at some point, make horrible decisions, sleep with a few contestants, and then end up back where she always does. But at least by the end of the season, she does manage to get away once again–at least for now.

This was a particularly great season for Quinn’s character and I feel had the most character development. She stood her ground against the male superiors of the company and managed to take Gary down along the way. Constance Zimmer’s acting was admirable this season and really commend her for kicking so much ass in a strong female lead. She really brings life to Quinn’s character and represents the strength females need to push against the resistance.

Perhaps what was the most frustrating thing about this season was how it ended–especially Serena the suitress’s story. All season long we saw her portray herself as a feminist but of course, as always, she succumbed to the tyranny of Everlasting and had a bit of a shift in character. She doesn’t end up with anyone at the end and is seen perusing through dating apps to find a guy. So what exactly was the point of her this season?

It was a little disappointing that Serena started off so strong and that her story wasn’t different than the contestants in seasons past. But alas, this was not the case. All in all, this season of UnREAL wasn’t extremely captivating. Being a fan of Zimmer and Appleby, there were still enjoy many aspects of it. Seeing their on-screen chemistry is always a joy and the sarcastic humor Zimmer brings as Quinn is always something to look forward to.

Based on the teaser promos for next season, it will be interesting to see where they are heading. Rachel as a suitress? Is this really what is going to happen? While this is an exciting notion, it perpetuates the cycle she is in every single season. Come back to Everlasting, fall apart, leave, and then return again. What will make her come back once again? I’m sure we can expect Quinn to come up with an idea to lure Rachel out of her cabin of solitude and back into the insane world of Everlasting.

While this season of UnREAL isn’t my favorite, I would still give it a thumbs up because it concentrated on giving females a louder voice in the workplace and the courage to stand up to their male superiors. Bravo!

Until next season, folks!

Score: 7.5/10

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