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Ariba BhuvadJune 1, 2018

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This season of The Flash was, to put it nicely, quite a disaster. Being a huge Flash fan, expectations are high–but this season just didn’t have much to go off of. Perhaps the most frustrating part of it is the amazing cast. They are so wonderful and really share so much chemistry with one another, but when the story is lacking life and excitement, there’s not much they can do.

This season was heavily focused on the bus meta-humans and started with bringing Barry out of the Speed Force. While there were some episodes that momentarily had us hyped, the episode that would follow would completely ruin the momentum. The season’s villain was DeVoe, a super-intelligent professor dead-set on eliminating technology from the world and bringing humanity back to basics.

While the premise sort of sounds exciting, it really was not. So much of the season focused on connecting the dots between the bus meta-humans and how they related to DeVoe, and each episode just got so mundane and boring that we really didn’t care about the plot much anymore.

While some characters really stood out this season, Ralph was not one of them. He was so whiny, agitating, and complained 100% of the time that his grudge against the world got repetitive. We get it, you’re scorned from the brutality of life, but really? It’s also really frustrating to see where Caitlin’s story went with Killer Frost. For someone she was completely against just episodes before, she ended the season fighting to bring her back. And then we learned that apparently she’s always been Killer Frost? Can they please make up their mind about her origin story?

Again, some characters were fun to watch over the course of the season, namely Cecile. She is quite underrated but her comedic role in the show breathed new life into an otherwise super boring season. And while we don’t know if her and Joe’s baby will have any role in the superhero world, it’s fun to speculate.

Regarding their baby, who would have predicted that the reveal of the identity of Mystery Girl would take that long? That was perhaps the most frustrating part of it all. We all but knew she would end up being but couldn’t they have tried to surprise us with a twist? And why place a character throughout the season and then not really have a fun, big reveal at the end? The execution of this plot point was frustrating to watch.

Between DeVoe, the bus meta-humans, Barry’s constant inner struggle to fix everything, Ralph’s yapping, Killer Frost’s story, and the random filler episodes, this season was just not cutting it. However, Iris was one of the positives this season as she was so badass and took control of every situation like a pro. Being on the fence about her prior to this season, she definitely made some headway this season. She was the voice of reason and perhaps why they won so many of their battles, because she took charge logically, instead of emotionally. You go, Iris!

Hopefully next season takes a turn for the better and gives long-time fans exactly what we’ve been looking for and miss about The Flash. It has the potential because the series started off so great, and we can’t help but to cling onto hope that next season will fix the mistakes of the past.

Score: 6/10

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