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Ariba BhuvadJune 29, 2018

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Synopsis: Tandy tests out her power to get answers about the Roxxon cover-up; Tyrone focuses on being a normal teenager as the basketball state finals approach; Detective O’Reilly looks into the city’s drug problems. (TVGuide) 

Writers: Niceole R. Levy & Joe Pokaski

Director: Ry Russo-Young

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Thursdays at 8pm on ABC Spark (Canada)/Freeform (United States)

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger has been slow to start but is finally starting to get into the meat of the story. Last week, Tandy saw her mother’s boyfriend get shot and die, and following the incident, she got into the hidden files and spends this episode going over them in detail.

Ty pays a visit to the precinct in hopes of talking to Detective O’Reilly about Connors. He wants to have him arrested but unfortunately, the case is closed and charges can’t be filed.

Tandy visits Ty at school to tell him she has control over her dagger powers and has been looking into ROXXON employees that were connected to her father. Ty is curious as to how Tandy was able to control her powers and she shares that it came from when she tried to kill herself. It ignited some form of control over her powers and she wants Ty to experience the same.

When Ty returns home he learns that Roxxon is a client of his mother’s and per Tandy’s request tries to ask his mother about his brother’s friends, in hopes that he will learn how to control his powers. He finds himself transported to a warehouse that is a place of business that belongs to his brother’s friend.

Tandy goes in for an interview at an escort agency and gets the job and heads to a gala hosted by Roxxon later that night. As we have learned from previous episodes, Tandy is able to touch someone and find out their hopes and dreams. She lightly grazes some of the guests at the gala to learn more about them.

Ty continues to struggle with using his powers and starts to see visions everytime he touches a ref or player.  He grows increasingly frustrated because he feels that as Tandy uses her powers, his goes on the fritz.

Through the visions Tandy has, she recognizes a man by the name of Peter Scarborough who may be behind her father’s death. And to kickstart Ty’s powers, Tandy pushes Ty off a ledge and he is teleported back to his basketball game.

Meanwhile, Tandy goes to Peter’s home under false pretenses and pulls out her dagger to murder him, but retreats. After touching his neck, she sees a vision of him gathering cash in the water after the rig explosion and truly learns his deepest desires.

The next day, Ty teleports back to his brother’s friend’s business and sees Connors there–learning that the business is a front for drug trafficking. And things get more interesting when Tandy’s investigation leads her to find an article written by a biologist and we are taken to a scene where this biologist is filming a commercial for Roxxon.

Cloak & Dagger is getting there, but it’s not quite there yet. The buildup to the Roxxon mystery is extremely slow and while it’s interesting, it’s sure taking a long time to get there. However, the dynamic between Ty and Tandy is promising and it will be exciting to see how their friendship moves more towards a romance. While it’s unclear when we’ll get there, hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Score: 7/10

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