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Ariba BhuvadJuly 3, 2018

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This season of Genius was just as thrilling, exciting, and riveting as last season’s focus on Einstein. Learning about Picasso’s life and all the different artistic stages, along with his muses was an experience unlike any other.

Picasso was an intriguing man and every stage of his life from start to finish had so much depth, pain, and fear in it. Admittedly, not knowing much about his life prior to this season, and to be even more honest, it appeared that he was from a time period long ago. Realizing he was a somewhat recent artist was really mind-baffling, and once again, every detail and aspect of his story became very immersive to watch as Genius unraveled it.

The writing on Genius is so beautiful and enticing, the way they give life to each character is something not seen in recent memory. And one thing the series does so well is find actors/actresses that perfectly fit the role they’re playing. Seriously, go look up all the people that were a part of this season and compare them to the actors/actresses that played them. Oftentimes, the resemblance is uncanny!

A special shout-out needs to go to Alex Rich and Antonio Banderas who played young and old Picasso, respectively. They captured his essence in the most poetic way and highlighted his insecurities, struggles, and passion for art and women. Picasso was an interesting man, and every muse of his was a big part of his life story.

He had multiple children with his lovers, and getting to see his connection with each of them was a great part of the season because it helped us understand who and what he was. Come on, the guy was a player but he used it to his advantage and channeled it all into his artwork.

The show does a great job of covering the many periods of Picasso and connecting those moments with the women he was with at the time. There is a direct connection there, and it was made clear through some phenomenal storytelling.

Once again, Genius intertwined the story of the subject with the political climate of that time. Picasso somewhat played a part in the politics of his time and also found himself a target during Nazi Germany rule. This season managed to tie real-life events into the story in a way that was identical to last season as Einstein also dealt with the repercussions of Nazi Germany.

Genius consistently proves how to tell a story and they should be commended for how amazing they are at pinpointing the most important parts of the subject they are working with. They gave us one hell of a season with Picasso and showed us the complicated life he led–filled with women, children, art, and his artistic journey.

It will be fascinating to see what season three will bring, and more precisely who it will bring. Hopefully, it is someone just as unique and ravishing as Pablo Picasso, because right now, it’s hard to think of anyone that can surpass him.

Score: 8.5/10

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