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Ariba BhuvadJuly 20, 2018

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Synopsis: Tandy and Melissa prepare to commemorate the eighth anniversary of Nathan’s passing with their annual memorial tradition; Tyrone goes to Detective O’Reilly for help in getting a confession out of Detective Connors. (TVGuide) 

Writers: Christine Boylan & Jenny Klein

Director: Alex Garcia Lopez

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Thursdays at 8pm on ABC Spark (Canada)/Freeform (United States)

Initially, when Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger began I was on the fence despite the promising premise and plot. But as the season goes on, it has become more and more addictive and now I’m fully on board with the show.

This week is actually quite devastating in ways as well as redemptive. It’s been eight years since the Roxxon explosion that took Tandy’s dad’s life, and the same night that Ty’s brother met his end, courtesy of Connors. The title of the episode, aptly named “Ghost Stories” is truly what this episode is about. The ghosts of the past, the ghosts of the present, and to some extent, the haunting future that is uncertain.

The episode kicks off with Detective O’Reilly and Officer Fuchs having breakfast together. Side note: They are super adorable as a couple and seeing him make “girlfriend pancakes” for her is so precious. It’s even more exciting when Fuchs decides to help O’Reilly take down Connors for the sleazeball he is, which is wonderful because she’s next to zero help with all of this, besides Ty.

Tandy goes to visit Ivan who is still at the facility, but she runs into Peter Scarborough who seems to be leaving from a visit with Ivan. Of course, with Ivan awake, Roxxon needs to cover their bases and make sure he doesn’t spill the beans about anything he might have seen, and thus Scarborough needed to speak with him.

Tandy pushes Ivan to remember anything about her dad or the shadiness of Roxxon from that night, and he confesses he knew they were cutting corners and that something bad was about to go down. Ivan remembers that Nathan left a memo behind with information that could help Tandy, and with nothing to lose, she’s determined to get it.

Tandy and her mother have a sweet moment of bonding as they talk about visiting her father’s memorial, which Tandy promises to attend this year. Her mom seems to be doing great, and seeing their bond strengthen is a great part of the story in this episode.

And while Tandy and her mom are embracing the death anniversary of Nathan, things at Ty’s home aren’t exactly the same. They aren’t really talking about it which puts Ty in a tough place until Tandy shows up to see how he is doing. With each passing episode, the connection between Ty and Tandy is growing stronger and it’s nice to see the two connect at the moment she comes to his house, and invites him to join her and her mother later at the memorial.

However, Tandy had ulterior motives for visiting Ty’s house–snatching his mom’s Roxxon ID so she could break in and get to the safe that her father hid the memo in. Meanwhile, Ty, O’Reilly, and Fuchs make a plan to take down Connors and catch him once and for all by getting him to confess to killing Billy all those years ago. Ty even reveals his cloak powers to the both of them and comes up with a plan to haunt Connors until he freaks out enough and spills the beans. The mission is a success as Ty scares Connors to the umpteenth degree.

Tandy also finds success in locating the memo but runs into Scarborough and decides to interrogate him–because why not. He offers her money for the memo and to make all this go away, but naturally, she resists because it would tarnish Nathan’s name. Tandy and Ty meet Tandy’s mom at the memorial to commemorate the deaths of Nathan and Billy but something weird happens.

Just as Ty asks if they are sure they want to give up the money, Tandy and Ty are transported into the realm they both often share and into a memory that Tandy’s mom has with Nathan. Tandy witnesses her father slapping her mother, and suddenly she sees her mom in a whole different light. This pushes Tandy to call Peter the next day and accept the offer of money–sigh, what a mess.

Remember how cute O’Reilly and Fuchs were at the beginning of the episode? Well, that love story came to a screeching halt when she returns home to find him dead inside of the fridge.

What an episode, right? It definitely had a New Orleans vibe to it and all the characters are left with some heavy decisions to make. How will Ty move forward with Connors in jail (who hopefully actually stays there) and how will Tandy cope with the truth she has just learned about her father? And also, who the hell killed Fuchs?! Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, you are killing us–and we sort of love it.

Score: 8/10

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