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Ariba BhuvadAugust 17, 2018

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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger was quite the adventure in its first season. While it was slow to start, the momentum picked up quickly as we fell deeper and deeper into Tandy and Tyrone’s world while they learned more about their powers and link to one another.

What was the most standout aspect of Cloak & Dagger was that it wasn’t all about the powers or fighting crime. It was about two individuals with a tragic past that led them down two different paths in life. The story was about their inner demons, their struggles, their insecurities, and it was so much more than the typical superhero tropes on television right now.

What resonated the most with fans was the blunt and honest approach the series took on race. They didn’t sugarcoat or hide the fact that Tandy was using white privilege to con people out of their money. This plot point was placed in the story for a reason and the series should be applauded for taking a risk in that regard.

The same goes for Tyrone’s character arc who comes from a wealthy family, but being black works against him when it comes to the law. He is always finding himself caught up in it, without a fault of his own (sometimes).

There is something to be said about Marvel not shying away from broaching uncomfortable, difficult topics. They went right into the heart of it and made Cloak & Dagger a series worth watching and investing time into.

The most commendable aspect of the season was making it relevant to the turbulent times of the world we live in today. Oftentimes, comic book adaptations don’t pivot from the original source material, but Cloak & Dagger dared to be different and shed light on issues of today.

However, there were some moments where the series fell short of expectations and slowed down its momentum. Those were the moments that the series chose to focus briefly on Tandy and Ty’s powers. While their powers are intriguing, they are also confusing and it wasn’t entirely clear what they always meant. Further into the season, the focus here and there on the powers slowed things down quite a bit. It is also worth mentioning that not everyone watching the show has read the comics so they may not understand why certain elements are convoluted.

Thankfully, this slowed momentum wasn’t an issue through the rest of the season, because of how the finale brought everything together. There was so much action and drama in the season one finale, it was amazing. Their team-up was fantastic, and finally coming together as “The Divine Pairing” really has fans hyped for what season 2 will bring.

We got to see Tyrone use his cloak in battle and devour it’s first victim, while Tandy went to town with her dagger. Then with O’Reilly being shot and emerging from the water, we know Mayhem is on the way. Everything is sort of up in the air when the season ends, but in a way that is satisfying and exciting. Ty is hiding out from the authorities because he is still being pinned for a murder he didn’t commit, and of course he finds refuge in the church Tandy calls home.

What does next have in store for The Divine Pairing? And have they truly escaped their fate of one dying, one living? There are a lot of unanswered questions so it is great that there will be another season to dive into those and also bring forth new enemies, new danger, and a deeper understanding of the bond between Tandy and Tyrone.

Until next season, folks!

Score: 8.5/10

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  • Tracy

    August 20, 2018 at 12:31 PM

    Sadly, I gave up on the show midway because it was too slow in pace for my liking.

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