TV ReviewsThe Deuce Season 2 Episode 2: There’s an Art to This Review

Keith NoakesSeptember 16, 2018

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Synopsis: Confronted with the changing realities of prostitution and porn, C.C. doubles down on his assets, while fellow pimp Larry Brown eyes a new opportunity. Growing creatively frustrated, Candy turns to Genevieve Furie, a onetime porn director who’s graduated to slasher films, for filmmaking advice. After a customer is mugged outside his bar, Paul is approached by Matty the Horse, a rival of Rudy’s, who promises Paul the mob protection he deserves. Following a nostalgic road trip to Coney Island with Vincent, Abby attends a meeting of activists, and recognizes a familiar face from Times Square. (HBO)

Writer: Richard Price

Director: Alex Hall

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 59mins

Airs: Sundays at 9pm on HBO Canada (Canada)/HBO (United States)

There may be a lot going on but there were still a few compelling subplots to be had in this episode.

C.C. is no longer the only pimp in the porn game as the episode started with Larry recruiting some new talent. Candy had become creatively frustrated with her work. She wanted more but her ideas were controversial with the status quo. A few members of the production were nominated for awards, including Lori. In order to make more money, C.C. took Lori to another porn production. Larry’s new girl was there as well.

With Candy’s success, she was thinking of inviting her son to live with her. Lori was introduced to an agent who wanted to represent her. Larry wanted to join the action and seemed willing to give up control. For help, Candy turned to a former porn/now slasher film director named Genevieve Furie (Dagmara Dominczyk).

Frankie had a new idea to add touching to the emporium which did not start well. Vincent took Abby on a road trip to Coney Island where he reminisced about the past. Meanwhile, Mike was taking care of the disco club in Vincent’s absence. Their trip was cut short when Abby remembered a prior engagement which was a baby shower at the Hi-Hat.

Paul is going full steam ahead with his new club. A fight outside his bar got the attention of another mobster named by Matty the Horse (Garry Pastore) who promises Paul the mob protection he deserves. Alston continued his investigation and later found a young man who was in the same car as the dead tourist. It was self-defense as the much larger tourist was forcing the young man to do things against his will. Goldman checked in and learned that his priorities were wrong. Bobby was having enough with his real family and the one he had on the side. Things got worse when another parlor was opening up in between his.

Abby got an important call to attend a prostitution activist group where she met Ashley.

Overall, this was a good episode that took a slight step back but put a few characters on some interesting paths with Candy becoming a more serious filmmaker, Lori potentially leaving C.C., and Abby becoming more of an activist. Vincent’s trip down memory lane was fun to watch and hopefully the season will delve deeper into he and Frankie’s backstory. There was still a lot going on in the episode as its surplus of characters continues to be a problem. Despite this, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Candy is still well worth the watch.

Score: 8.5/10

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