Movie ReviewsFahrenheit 11/9 – A Scathing Documentary (Early Review)

Keith NoakesSeptember 19, 2018

Michael Moore is mad and he won’t take it anymore.

Synopsis: Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” is a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? (levelFilm)

Starring: Michael Moore

Writer: Michael Moore

Director: Michael Moore

Rating: R (United States)

Running Time: 128mins


Over the last near 30 years, director Michael Moore has crafted plenty of thought-provoking documentaries. His new film, putting a spin on his previous film Fahrenheit 9/11, should be no different. Those who have paid any attention to what has been happening in the United States know that it hasn’t been quite the same lately thanks to current president Donald Trump. Now how did we get to this point? Also, how can we get out of this predicament? In this film, Moore tries to answer these questions on a macro scale by reflecting on where the United States stands as a whole because of the rise of Trump while still being hopeful about the future.

Of course a large portion of the film focuses on Trump so suffice it to say that Trump supporters will probably not enjoy this film though they probably weren’t going to watch this in the first place. The film tackled how Trump got where he did in the first place by diving into the kind of person he was (although most of us already knew that), featuring the supporters who got him there as well as the broken political system that allowed it to happen. Ultimately, this wasn’t as much about Trump himself but rather about how he was a byproduct of everything. In its expose, the film attacks the media as well as democrats and republicans equally for their role in Trump’s election. The media gave Trump free publicity for ratings and their bottom line. He knew that so he used this to his advantage, even dictating their coverage of him. The out of touch democrats rigged the primary process in favor of the establishment while the republicans allowed themselves to get dismantled by Trump.

Moore also deals with other issues in the film such as the poisoned water crisis in Flint, Michigan as well as teacher protests in West Virginia and the Parkland school shooting before going back to Trump and delivering a call to action to make America what it should be. You can just hear the frustration in Moore’s voice when speaks about these issues. He was one of the biggest voices warning against complacency and this sentiment was prevalent here throughout the film. It is easy to relate with the passion in which he speaks of the Flint water crisis considering that it’s his hometown. Some may not know all the details behind what happened there but the actions that led to it and the subsequent coverup were fueled by racism, greed, and were downright criminal and the fact that it is still happening with seemingly no end in sight and the way that Flint has been made into a third world country is just sad to watch.

The activism from the West Virginia teachers was very inspiring to watch. Teachers have been struggling to make ends meet so when their request for a modest raise and benefits were shot down There was a real sense of optimism when talking about the group of Parkland survivors who have used their positions to create change. They are a small part of the next generation who can put their own stamp on the political process. It wasn’t just them who were stepping up as normal, everyday people were also stepping up and taking part in the political process for the first time in response to what was happening to their country. However, they can’t do it alone as the film calls for others to play their part as well.

Overall, this was a amazingly powerful, scathing, take no prisoners documentary that goes after everyone for the rise of Trump as well as the Flint water crisis in a way that only Michael Moore could. It was sad to watch but it also serves as a hopeful call to action for people to step up and make their voices heard to save democracy. Of course it won’t be for everybody (i.e. Trump supporters). Hopefully something comes of this though it’s easy to be skeptical nowadays. The year of the documentary continues.

Score: 10/10

*Fahrenheit 11/9 opens in theatres September 21st*

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