Day: October 9, 2018

Manifest Season 1 Episode 3: Turbulence Review

If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

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Non-MCU Spiderman Universe Ranked

Venom isn’t a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or maybe it is? It’s a confusing grey area, but from the moment “In Association with Marvel” came up during the opening credits of Sony’s newest attempt at launching a Spider-Man spin-off it’s been pretty clear that Marvel Studios wants nothing to do with Venom or its ilk. Continue reading “Non-MCU Spiderman Universe Ranked”

This Week in Home Video (Tuesday October 9th)

If you are unsure about this week’s DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital releases, maybe our site’s reviews can help. Click the posters for reviews and now you can now purchase or rent movies from Amazon or iTunes Canada (if applicable) by clicking the buttons below. Please support the site by either purchasing or renting these movies as we receive a small commision for each purchase and/or rental.

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