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Here we go again.

The site is gaining considerable traction as the year is coming to close. We’ve hit our best month several times this year already but our latest best month has been the month of November 2018 were we’ve surpassed 25,000 views for the first time. Here’s to finishing 2018 on a high note and perhaps doing even better.



Thanks goes to all those responsible to help us get this far, readers and writers alike. If you would like to follow any of our writers on Twitter (and you really should), you can find them all here. Be sure to find them on other social media sites as well. While we’re at it, let’s mention our social media exploits. We’re currently at 1,640 likes on our Facebook page (@keithlovesmovies) but 2,000 sure sounds nice. As far as Twitter and Instagram are concerned, we are around 187 followers short of 5,000 on Twitter (@keithlovemovies) and just 45 away for 1,000 on Instagram (@keithlovesmovies). It would definitely be great if you gave us a like or follow, I promise you won’t regret it.


Let’s keep this train rolling!!!!




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