TV ReviewsI Am the Night Season 1 Episode 4: Matador Review

Keith NoakesFebruary 18, 2019

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Synopsis: A phone call in the middle of the night from Corinna has Jay believing that there are cracks appearing in the Hodel case. And he’s getting an itch that the Bloody Romeo case may have something to do with the famed Black Dahlia murders. Fauna feels closer than ever to finding her mother Tamar, and wonders if an invitation to a “Happening” might be an opportunity for more information. (Turner Broadcasting System)

Writer: Sam Sheridan

Director: Victoria Mahoney

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 49mins

Airs: Mondays at 9pm on Bravo (Canada)/TNT (United States)

So this season is finally going somewhere, however, this is not nearly enough now with 2 more episodes left after this one.

So the weird guy’s (Dylan Smith) name is Sepp but that won’t matter anymore.

This episode started with Singletary receiving a call from Corinna Hodel who offered him information and to show him something before hanging up because she’s weird. His renewed interest in the Black Dahlia case continued. His new lead Corinna was enough to convince Sullivan to let him continue with the Hodel story. Meanwhile, Hodel had to get ready as Jimmy Lee was coming to Los Angles that evening. She was then invited to a weird art party by Corinna that she called a “happening”. Singletary was also there.

Hodel found Corinna who was taking part in an odd live performance piece. Once that was over, she would talk to Corinna, asking for more information about her father but Corinna avoided answering by deflecting her question with her pretentiousness. When Corinna wasn’t looking, Hodel found a possible address for Tamar in Hawaii. Her victory would be short-lived after being knocked out by Sepp. Things looked bleak until Singletary arrived just in time to fight Sepp off before killing him. They would then dispose of the body and the evidence together before retiring to Singletary’s apartment.

Drinking pretty much the whole night prior, Singletary would wake up with a hangover. He and Hodel were finally forthcoming with one another. Singletary told her what story he was pursuing and promised to keep Fauna and Tamar out of it. She would make a deal with him to tell him where in Hawaii she Tamar to be in exchange for Singletary looking into Sepp and why he had been following her. Rummaging through Sepp’s workshop would lead to an invite to an event at an art gallery sponsored by George Hodel. Meanwhile, Hodel met Jimmy Lee at a club where she performed. She wanted to know more about her grandfather and Jimmy Lee’s relationship with him but she wanted none of it. Despite that, Hodel was determined to find out the truth,.

At the art gallery, Singletary would find Corinna who denied ever contacting him before calling for security. This would lead him to a room of George Hodel’s painting that would all look similar to Black Dahlia murder victims.

Overall, Matador was yet another bad episode of I Am The Night that admittedly went somewhere in terms of the plot but for the most part was still a dull, mediocre mess that continues to suffer from the problems that have plagued the series thus far. The acting, except for Connie Nielsen as the over-the-top Corinna Hodel, is fine but it could only go as far as the horrendous material can take it. It’s just sad at this point as the series is barely further than where it started.

Score: 4.5/10

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