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Keith NoakesMarch 16, 2019

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Synopsis: The story of a young man who, after losing his mother, goes to work with a doctor specializing in lobotomies and therapies. (IMDB)

Starring: Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum, and Hannah Gross

Writers: Rick Alverson, Dustin Guy Defa, and Colm O’Leary

Director: Rick Alverson

Rating: n/a

Running Time: 106mins

Trailer: n/a

The Mountain is definitely going to go over a lot of viewer’s heads as its style will surely not be for everyone. With an aspect ratio similar to First Reformed, an almost impressionistic look, and unusual dialog, it will leave many trying to figure out what was happening (I’m not sure if I yet know what happened). The story would move so unbelievably slow like it’s been lobotomized which was appropriate as it was about a young man named Andy (Sheridan) who would start working for a doctor who would travel around performing them named Dr. Wallace Fiennes (Goldblum).

There was certainly something going on with Andy but it was hard to tell since he barely said anything. He basically believed that Fiennes could help him learn more about his supposedly institutionalized mother. After a while, it became hard to care about him and how he fit within the story as a whole. Suffice it to say that Fiennes did most of the talking here. The point of his arc wasn’t that much clearer. He believed he was helping people though he and his practices would both become antiquated.

The performances were okay but those were mostly due to the script and direction than anything else. Sheridan was okay as Andy, however, it was simply difficult to care about his character. Goldblum as Fiennes, as he often does, would breathe in some life though he can only do so much. Because everything was so subdued, it felt like he didn’t fit. Both he and Sheridan at least had decent chemistry.

Overall, The Mountain was definitely a weird film that many will not get and will surely go over many people’s heads. It does look good but it’s style and overly subdued nature didn’t quite work. However, Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum-ing is never a bad thing.

Score: 5/10

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