TV ReviewsBrooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 9: The Golden Child Review

Keith NoakesMarch 21, 2019

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Synopsis: Jake helps Amy navigate the complicated relationship she has with her brother, David. Charles introduces some drama into an undercover mission involving Terry and Holt. (IMDB)

Writer: Neil Campbell

Director: Claire Scanlon

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 22mins

Airs: Thursdays at 8:30pm on CityTV (Canada)/9pm on NBC (United States)

A big fan of the show in Lin-Manuel Miranda make an appearance and he does not disappoint.

The cold open was of Holt giving Jake an unpleasant and near-impossible assignment of ensuring that Hitchcock didn’t spill anything on himself for a whole day before having to testify in court. Their back and forth got heated which would only startle Hitchock into spilling pasta sauce on himself.

Jake needed help getting ready for dinner with Amy’s mother or at least that’s what he and Amy thought. Amy’s mother also invited her golden child brother David (Miranda), a lieutenant at another precinct, who she resented to dinner. Things started poorly when they didn’t get to the restaurant first and they got worse when David kept one-upping Amy’s accomplishments. Even Jake’s plan to make Amy a hero failed. However, David’s perfect streak ended when police found a large amount of cocaine in his possession. Amy could not have been more ecstatic about it.

Amy couldn’t hide her excitement while bailing David out of jail but he would reveal how he wasn’t nearly as perfect and things weren’t as easy for him as it seemed. However, it would just be an act as he believed he was being framed by the incredibly good-looking Brazilian mob. Jake thought they should help him though Amy was reluctant before coming around. As soon as they started to work together, Amy and David argued (featuring an awkward dance-off) which would lead to a distraction so Jake could get to the back room of a club. The three found the ledger they needed before Jake would find himself captured as they tried to escape. Luckily, Amy and David worked together to save him.

Charles had a case to share about a drug dealer named Alfonso Tucker (Jonathan P. Sims) for which he was trying to find his supplier. In order to do so, someone would have to impersonate a criminal who he named Maxwell Blaze and join him in a holding cell. Charles suggested that Terry would be the perfect candidate but Holt suggested himself as well. Both Terry and Holt auditioned for the part, improvising being a criminal in much different ways. Scully would of course take it too far. Charles picked Holt, however, it would just be an act to enrage Terry to prepare him for another role that he created. His constant notes only made Terry angrier. Ultimately, their plan failed which was Charles’ plan all along so he can put Rosa in who would save the day.

The episode ended with another attempt at a dinner which started off better as Amy no longer held ill will towards David. Jake didn’t get the memo as he roasted Amy’s mother/defended their relationship while Amy was in the restroom.

Overall, The Golden Child was a good episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that brought one of the main people responsible for saving the show in Lin-Manuel Miranda. In what would be perfect casting, he was great here as David Santiago and fit in well with Jake and Amy for what was a fun A subplot for the episode that also helped to bring Jake and Amy closer together. Though unnecessary, the B subplot was hilarious as well as it made use of all the other characters. Hopefully David will come back in future episodes as a team-up with Jake would be awesome.

Score: 8.5/10

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