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dannythemoviemanMarch 22, 2019

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Synopsis: On the way to a family wedding, a man and his sister endure a night of increasingly frightening practical jokes during a one-night stay at a secluded motel. (Hulu)

Starring: Hayes MacArthur, Jessica McNamee, and Keir O’Donnell

Writers: Scott Barkan and Gregg Zehentner

Director: Adam Mason

Rating: n/a

Running Time: 81mins


Don’t you all love a good surprise? Because I’m Just F*cking With You is a movie that seemed *destined* to be ‘just okay’. Lead by actors known for primarily TV/Supporting work in a Hulu original film just seems like nothing too exciting. Well, get ready to be blown away.

I’m Just F*cking With You is definitely the surprise of SXSW 2019, and it may end up being the biggest surprise of the year. This film takes a concept that doesn’t seem too new, but taking some awesome creative liberties in what is an equally hysterical and fun time. The concept itself is pretty great and while it seems like it could, it never gets tiresome. Every time you think it’s starting to get repetitive, it makes a wild shift that comes from left field and captivates you in a completely new way.

The production design is also fantastic, which isn’t something you notice just naturally watching a movie. The neon drenched set of the motel here is so unique, and is another thing that grabs you right into this crazy and messed up story. But most importantly, it’s hilarious! The three leads at hand here work together so well, and in cooperation with the directors and writers, really make for some laugh-out-loud moments that are absolutely worthy of having friends over on a Friday night for a screening party.

I’m Just F*cking With You is such a delight, and unfortunately considering the minimal buzz it gained at SXSW, probably won’t get much traction when it launches on Hulu on April 1st as part of Blumhouse’s Into the Dark series. Do yourself a favor and check out this hilarious, innovative ensemble comedy that satisfies the itch for horror as much as it does for comedy.

Score: 8/10

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