TV ReviewsWhat We Do In the Shadows Season 1 Episode 3: Werewolf Feud Review

Critics w/o CredentialsApril 11, 201980/100
Jermaine Clement
Josh Lieb
Running Time
25 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
FX Canada, FX
Overall Score
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Werewolf Feud was not the strongest out of the existing episodes but it did provide some truly hilarious moments that will surely have you laughing well after the show was over.

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Synopsis: The fragile truce between the vampires and Staten Island’s werewolves is tested; Colin Robinson finds romance with a new coworker. (IMDB)

Before we get into what happened in last night’s episode, it is worth mentioning that What We Do In the Shadows is actually growing on us. After watching the first three episodes, it has become the perfect short burst comedy that I’ve needed in my TV viewing schedule as of late.

Werewolf Feud begins with Lazlo taking us on a tour of his latest hobby – topiary art, more specifically, bush manipulation. He goes on to describe that all of his garden’s bushes are a representation of the many females that have influenced him in his life, or at least their vulvas (yes, you read that correctly). This leads to the discovery of werewolf urine throughout the garden and the beginning of this episode’s main conflict. However, the more interesting story lies with Colin Robinson’s feeding habits as a new vampire is introduced into his workplace. Newcomer, Evie Russell, is an evolved form of an Energy Vampire known as an Emotional Vampire who feeds off of other people’s pity for her as she tells them about her life. Evie is the perfect emotional yin to Colin’s yang as the two passive aggressively fight over dominance of the office.

Both storylines reach a tipping point when the vampires and werewolves as well as Colin and Evie decide to square off against one another. However, the werewolves and vampires are beholden to a strict protocol dating back many years to 1993 that established a truce between the two species on Staten Island. This forces each faction to nominate a fighter that will settle the dispute.

The werewolves choose a massive fighter named Toby while Nandor reluctantly is chosen to defend the honor of Lazlo’s vulva garden. After selecting weapons, Nandor chooses more wisely by grabbing a bone chew toy that he throws off of the roof to which Toby blindly follows. Meanwhile, Colin and Evie quick realize that their separate efforts to feed can be maximized if they hunt together which sends them on a feeding spree beyond the office and to parks and restaurants. Ultimately, theirs was a relationship to volatile to last and Colin sadly has to end their time together which leaves him the perfect target for one last quick feeding from Evie who uses her new situation to her benefit.

While some can shake that image of the vulva garden but in an effort to get past it, you will find yourself laughing at all of the remaining werewolves gathering around Toby’s body trying to find the chew toy that still remained.

WWDITS continues to build upon itself and is slowly wading into weekly must-watch territory. It’s still early to fully commit to that statement but the show has been an enjoyable watch up until this point and it appears that this will continue to grow barring some major plot misstep. For now, it remains a nice comical reprieve to look forward to each Wednesday.

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