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Dylan PhillipsApril 16, 201990/100
David Wellington
Kristen Saberre
Running Time
44 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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Returning to the Order, Landry finds his words no longer hold the same influence as they once did causing him to become frustrated and forced into a follower's role. The escalating conflict between the Templars and Crown will hit a pivotal point that not everyone will survive. While Landry was able to exercise his internal demons, his external ones have reappeared in the form of a former friend giving his journey of redemption another chapter.

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Tensions are rising throughout Medieval Europe as the initiates are one step closer to the end of their training bringing them to the inevitable fight against the French. It begins with Landry taking his initiates exam and beating one of his brothers for admittance into the order. Here’s what went down in “Equal Before God.”

After Landry receives his sword and Templar robes again, the order is forced to deal with the issue of the Pope. Gabriel (Sam Hoare), a member of the Lapinites, a religious group of lepers, enters the Chartres Temple to inform them of his death. This causes the Templars to debate who is the culprit and Landry points the finger at King Philip. The Templars believe this accusation is of his own bias vengeance and want to wait until a new Pope is appointed. Before Gabriel leaves, he informs Landry of Gawain’s involvement in the Pope’s murder.

Landry and some of the Templars travel with Gabriel back to his home when they are attacked by King Philip’s army. The fight is brutal, medieval and proves to Landry that Gawain has switched sides. The Templars and Lapinites now find themselves with a common foe and prepare for further attacks from the crown. Talus decides to have another insightful discussion with Landry about the importance of family urging fathers to be around their children.

Meanwhile in the French courts, DeNogaret becomes wary of the king’s motives and behaviour. However, rather than deal with his descent, DeNogaret is blinded by his hatred of religion and suggests they paint the Templars in a bad light. He brings the wife of the family that Prince Louis slaughtered last week so she can tell her story of the brutality of the Templars. King Philip offers compensation to family’s affected by the will of the Templars.

Unfortunately, the woman recognizes Prince Louis and becomes hysterical. He quickly rushes over and covers her up to avoid her revealing his true identity. Rather than kill this woman, Louis decides to keep her hostage and use her as a potential heir producer given his difficulties with his own wife. With this newfound avenue to release his sexual tension, Louis believes he can get Margaret pregnant. Although he may not need to, as Margaret and Isabella found a couple of men during a drunken night that may have helped solve that problem.

  • Will Landry be able to protect his daughter from King Philip?
  • Will Gawain switch sides again?
  • Who will the infamous Friday the 13th claim?
  • Will Prince Louis discover the truth of his mother’s death?
  • Will King Philip be able to keep control over the new Pope?

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