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Dylan PhillipsApril 19, 201985/100
DeMane Davis
Jim Campolongo
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44 minutes
Thursdays 9pm
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With the crew responding to their biggest call since the skyscraper, a character’s life hangs in the balance. The increased drama of everyone’s personal lives adds further fuel to this fire as these firefighters show that some cannot handle the heat. This causes some of the worst strains in this family, but they need to come together to pray for one of their own.

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“Friendly Fire” starts off with Andy and Sullivan bonding while working out with each other. Victoria and Ripley debate the possibility of getting married to finally put their relationship out in the open and Ben is still dealing with the stress of studying for Medic One. He tries to study with Travis and Maya, but ends up wanting to find Dean instead for a better study buddy. Problem is that Dean is on another one of his blind dates who arrives fashionably late. She’s in the same situation as him and wants to appease her parents.

They head to a call where Andy and Sullivan continue to bond over their friendships and his past with Ripley. On their patrol, they spot smoke and head to the location of a burning coffee processing plant. A man runs out asking for help as his coworkers are still trapped inside and the team from Station 42 arrives to clear out the fire. Captain Ted Conlin (Dohn Norwood) jokes around with Sullivan and Andy as she jokes that Sullivan should try to make a friend.

Meanwhile, Victoria brings up the idea of a proposal to Travis and he freaks out about how quickly it is happening. She talks about the practicality of it and explains how she can have her cake and eat it too. He questions if she wants practical or real and she feels attacked by his advice. Ben finally has his study buddy back, but Dean wants to talk about his blind date with Nikki (Chelsea Harris). He is apparently hung up on her, but cannot figure out how to message her.

At the precinct, Andy tries to push Sullivan to reconnect with Ripley before she thanks Jack for finally getting to a comfortable place with her. He feels guilty for going behind Andy’s back and tells Maya that it is time to come clean. Ripley brings up his proposal idea to Sullivan and wants his input. While he feels awkward talking about this at work, Sullivan suggests an after-shift drink. Meanwhile, Jack and Maya start to get a bit frisky behind closed doors, but are conveniently interrupted by Andy.

Andy brings her confused thoughts to Sullivan to vent, but they are interrupted by a second call from the same coffee plant. They arrive at the scene to find Pruitt working a new job as a private EMT while Maya and Andy are forced to work the hydrant together. Andy feels absolutely betrayed by her best friend, but they learn of a flashover which would cause the coffee to combust and create a massive explosion. As they try to warn everyone, the windows are filled with fire.

Station 19 is paired up to find the remaining members of Station 42. They find a few, but some smaller explosions start to occur with the coffee bags reaching combustion temperature. Meanwhile outside of the plant, Pruitt’s EMT partner (Dylan Rourke) is asking if he needs a break given his age, but Ryan steps in to defend his former neighbour. Dean and Ben bring out a severely injured firefighter and he tries to reason what the best course of action is. Medic One arrives and takes over to do the controversial and risky procedure that Ben thought was not possible.

Back in the plant, Captain Conlin gets pinned under some fallen debris and advises no one to come back for him. While no one under him can disobey his orders, Ripley decides to go in and save him. Victoria pleas for him to not go, but he promises to come back before heading in. Ripley finds the unconscious Conlin, but gets hit by one of the smaller explosions that knock him out. With radio silence, Sullivan and Victoria become increasingly anxious until they see Ripley emerge with Conlin wrapped around his shoulder.

The Station 19 crew volunteer for a double shift in order to finish up at the plant so Ripley and Victoria can go home and rest. Andy praises Ryan for standing up for her father and he tells her that this job isn’t a temporary thing. Victoria pulls Ripley aside and berates him for his decision because she realized that she actually loves him. She decides to propose to him and tells her to give his response at breakfast the next day. She decides to run off and head past Travis, complaining that he infected her with rainbows and feelings.

At the station, Ben talks about how much more he fell in love with MEdic One while Dean decides to call Nikki. Maya is confronted by Andy to discuss the elephant in the room. She wishes that Maya ran in by her, despite being over him. She feels humiliated. Their conversation is interrupted when an aid car call comes in prompting Andy, Sullivan and Ben to respond. Meanwhile, Victoria arrives for breakfast, but Ripley is running late. She feels like he stood her up and decides to go back to the plant and get back to work. Except Ripley is at a flower shop getting some flower advice from Levi Schmitt (Grey’s Anatomy’s Jake Borelli). He grabs a bouquet, but his nasty cough catches up to him as Ripley collapses on the ground.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Dean start to date Nikki?
  • Can Andy stay mad at Maya?
  • Will the doctors at Grey Sloan be able to save Ripley?
  • Will anyone have a problem with Ripley and Victoria?
  • Is Ben stretching himself too thin?

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