TV ReviewsThe Flash (5×20) Gone Rogue Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 1, 201950/100
Kristin Windell
Sam Chalsen, Joshua V. Gilbert
Running Time
43 minutes
Tuesdays 8pm
Space, The CW
Overall Score
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In Gone Rogue, it appears The Flash has gone rogue with its random, confusing storylines.

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Synopsis: Barry continues to struggle with how he feels about Nora’s betrayal; Brie Larvan, Joss Jackam, and Peter Merkel return to Central City; Cisco makes a bold decision. (TVGuide)

On one hand, Team Flash just got rid of Cicada, but then Cicada 2.0 popped up. And while we were just managing to wrap our heads around that, Cicada 1.0 shows up at the end of this episode alongside Cicada 2.0 who is sitting with her younger comatose self. Confused? You’re not the only one.

This has become a broken record at this point, and this does not look to change anytime soon. Can we just get one exciting episode that makes sense and doesn’t feel all over the place? Maybe, one day.

To catch everyone up really quick, Nora has been ticked off at Barry ever since she realized just how over her he is. Well, that’s what happens when you team up with the man who killed her grandmother. What did Nora expect? Of course, Barry is emotional as always, but this time around, he has a reason to be. It’s Iris that’s supportive without reason, that is until we learn a bit more about where it’s coming from.

After taking on some Negative Speed Force, Nora’s mission this week is to go rogue with the Rogues–Queen Bee, Weather Witch, and Rag Doll. The plan is to cause some chaos and steal some valuable things. At first, Team Flash doesn’t seem to be able to find Nora, but that’s beside the point considering they’re not even sure she came back from 2049.

Cisco and Sherloque wind up becoming the Young Rogues’ hostages simply so Cisco can hack into the fancy meta-tech phone. Forced to do as they say, Cisco does his Cisco-y thing but makes sure to leave a way for him and Sherloque to break free. Clever boy.

Meanwhile, Mama and Papa West-Allen are at each other’s throats over their super-villain (sort of?) daughter. Clearly, Barry has some trust issues which are understandable. However, Iris is Team Nora and sort of Team Thawne now. He is the one that told her to come back and patch things up with Barry after all. But does that really make up for, you know, killing Barry’s mom?

Later on, when Nora and her Young Rogues recruits break into the facility, Nora learns the hard way that you can’t really trust a group of villains. After Weather Witch and Queen Bee turn against her, luck ends up being on her side because the hostages they brought in are actually Team Flash, hiding behind the facial transfiguration devices.

Thankfully this entire debacle made Nora realize that her father is on her side, and probably always will be. And it turns out that Nora wasn’t turning into a super villain and planning to kill Cicada but rather gather the tools needed to destroy her dagger. Basically, this is why she came back in time and why she sought out Thawne’s help to do so.

In other news, Caitlin and Ralph learn that the bad versions of Cisco’s meta-cure seem to have gone missing from her father’s lab. What does this mean? Well, Cicada II is likely the culprit who stole it and will probably use it to kill metahumans.

And then, you know, we switch to the scene where Cicada II is working on said weapon with her uncle’s hallucination watching over her. Did anyone else roll their eyes after seeing the O.G. Cicada? Does he really have to return as a hallucination? Sigh.

At least there are only a couple episodes left in the season–let’s hope we can get through them in one piece.

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