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Wannabe Movie CriticAugust 1, 2019
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December 2019

Stunning, simply stunning. We don’t deserve Roger Deakins.

To watch the official trailer of 1917, click here.

Coming off back to back Bond movies, director Sam Mendes is heading to another time period with WWI, far removed from fancy cars and cool gadgets. This first trailer for 1917 looks breathtaking. Thanks to the mixture of his terrific direction and the legend that is Roger Deakins behind the camera, it’s simply a match made in heaven. I’m finally glad we are getting a gritty war movie as it’s been ages. Nowadays they all feel so “Hollywood” and what’s different about this one was how much it was reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan, can’t wait.

So not only does 1917 look beautiful, but this cast along with it, what a cast. With Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong, Richard Madden and Colin Firth, there’s so much talent sprinkled throughout this gorgeous trailer.

In 1917, two soldiers are to deliver a message in hopes of saving their brother, and prevent a total massacre of their brothers in arms. There’s also rumblings that the film will be one shot, and as tricky as that sounds to pull off, if Mendes is successful in doing so.

If this first trailer is of any indication, 1917 could be a serious Oscar contender and it just shot its way onto many most anticipated lists that is for sure.

*still courtesy of Universal Pictures*

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