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whatshouldweseeAugust 20, 2019
TIFF 2019
September 5-15

This morning, with a rocky start and some non-ideal server crashes, TIFF has finally released their full schedule for the September festival. Alongside some few minuscule announcements, the amount of screenings and venues for each film has been unveiled.

As for venue news, the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto’s 14 screens will be home again to most P&I screenings. However, a select few press and industry screenings will also be shown at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Who would have guessed that Canada’s newfound legalization of recreational Marijuana would stop yours truly from seeing movies at TIFF!? Something new to Midnight Madness this year is their 19+ age restriction to ALL midnight screenings this year. Canada’s regulatory environment now allows Cronos Group to operate and innovate within a legal federal framework, Cronos will have presence within age-gated environments at select TIFF events therefore people under 19 will be unable to see the crazy genre films at midnight this year.

Another interesting aspect worth noting is that there are not any Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX screenings this year! While that isn’t a shocker as no films were shot in the IMAX 70mm format, I was thinking that something that’s going to be released in the format (i.e. Joker) may have shown up there, but it appears the venue will not be in play this year.

Speaking of IMAX, it’s also worth mentioning that The Aeronauts, Amazon’s big-budget Eddie Redmayne/ Felicity Jones team-up film will not be shown in the format, which it was initially going to get a 2-week limited engagement in before it hit the streaming giant.

Other films that it appears it’ll be difficult for the public to get their hands on including JokerKnives Out, and Cannes-hit Parasite, which all have limited public screenings.

On the bright side of things, other highly anticipated films such as Terence Malick’s A Hidden Life, and Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit and two A24 films Waves and Uncut Gems are both getting their fair share of screenings that many people will be lucky enough to attend.

Also announced today were the festival’s in-depth celebrity conversation series In Conversation With… ___. The lineup this year includes the duo starring in Just Mercy Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx, Alison Janney, Antonio Banderas and Kerry Washington.

This is going to be an interesting TIFF folks! What films are you all planning on seeing? Any tickets you’re worried you won’t be able to get your hands on?

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