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Ariba BhuvadOctober 9, 201990/100
Anne Fletcher
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Unhinged spends some much needed time on showing the younger Big Three bonding and supporting each other through their hard times.

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Synopsis: Randall is confronted with a tough choice. Kate and Toby adjust to their new home. Miguel and Jack’s friendship solidifies. (TVGuide)

This week’s episode of This Is Us, entitled Unhinged, takes some time to get us more acquainted with the younger Big Three. Up until now, we’ve spent a lot of time seeing how they’re very different, but this episode veered away from that. Many will surely remember Sterling K. Brown’s phenomenal performance during the infamous anxiety episode. Well this time around, it’s young Randall’s turn to have one of his first panic attacks.

This moment of confusion comes after he is given a slip for wearing inappropriate shoes to school (remember he switched schools). This sends him into a spiral that doesn’t seem to stop until Kevin shows up to help him out at school. It’s a very nice moment between these two who are usually at odds with each other. Kevin definitely has his jerk moments as a kid, but this was very much the opposite–and it was great!

Speaking of Kevin, in the present, he’s still trying to help Nicky (Griffin Dunne) through his alcoholism. This means being rude and aggressive as possible with his uncle while pushing him to go to AA meetings. This is where we cross paths once again with Jennifer Morrison’s character, Cassidy Sharp, who this reviewer is very interested to learn about. The scene towards the end with her, Nicky, and Kevin losing their minds laughing was the best. It was such a complicated place to be, but yet they were able to just crack up and chill out a little bit.

The present is also a bit rough for Kate who learns Toby has been secretly sneaking off to the gym so as not to make her feel bad. Of course, she very soon realizes that his clothes are fitting a bit tighter, and he just looks different. After having a heart attack, who can blame the guy for wanting to be healthy, especially with baby Jack around now.

At the Randall Pearson household, he makes a lot of progress at work helping out his community. His secretary thinks he’s got it all wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from firing her and continuing his tradition of helping everyone else. Aw man, we all need a Randall in our lives, don’t we?

What connections will next week’s episode bring? Will Kevin be able to help Nicky and maybe find love once again? Will Kate get over Toby’s sneaking around at the gym? It will be very exciting to learn all this and more–aren’t you?

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