TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder (6×06) Family Sucks Review

Keith NoakesNovember 1, 201983/100
Laura Innes
Vanessa James Benton
Running Time
43 minutes
9pm (CTV), 10pm (ABC)
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Family Sucks was an engaging episode that saw the K4 take a swing at the Castillos and miss while the end just got more complicated.

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Synopsis: Annalise intervenes in Michaela’s relationship with her father and asks for his help in return; after Asher reunites and has an unpleasant conversation with his estranged mother, he shares a meaningful moment with Michaela. (TV Guide)

Family does suck.

Family Sucks started with Michaela and Gabriel in the shower until she kicked him out (class before ass). She would get a text from Annalise asking her to meet before class. This meeting was only to facilitate an ambush by Vick (Michaela was back to being angry with Gabriel for telling Annalise that she found him). Michaela was clearly still angry with him (and she had every right to be) but he just wanted to know her before it was too late. It did not take her long to storm off. Annalise wanted Vick’s help to escape (it seems like he payed her to take care of Michaela and that they also had some sort of romantic relationship). Meanwhile, Oliver was tasked to tend to Frank while Asher was trying with his family and Nate was getting closer with Cora.

Annalise visited Frank (kicking Oliver out) and confronted him about what happened with Laurel (they had their own story). Her plan was to play offense by filing a restraining order against the whole Castillo family. Annalise tried to talk to Michaela about reconsidering Vick again (she seemed to make a dent). Vick confronted Annalise about why she wanted to run (she clearly isn’t innocent) and if Michaela was part of it (which she was). Meanwhile, Cora knew something was up with Nate and secretly recorded him and shared the recording with Tegan (who wasn’t happy that she was with one of Annalise’s exes) who in turn, fired Bonnie. Tegan tried to plead her case with him but he wanted none of it.

Connor was transfixed on why he was originally chosen for the K5, however, Annalise claimed to have no memory on why he was chosen. He asked Bonnie who told him that she picked him (which wasn’t what he expected) for the K5 (while Frank picked Laurel). Meanwhile, Vick visited C&G (where Asher and Gabriel introduced themselves to him as their triangle persisted) to chase Michaela but it backfired.

Vick was subpoenaed by the Castillos (and wasn’t thrilled about it) to testify against Annalise for her restraining order hearing (specifically for her asking him for help to flea the country). Vick pleaded the fifth. Annalise’s final plea did not help as the Castillos won (she ordered everyone to destroy their phones). She also may have made a new enemy with Vick. Meanwhile, Frank (who was high on painkillers) shared his feelings for Bonnie (there may still be a chance for them as Bonnie’s was almost ready to move on).

Asher’s return to his family was short-lived after his mother still blamed him for his father’s death. Tegan took another crack at Nate by offering to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Castillos for his father’s death. Annalise was given a new identity package, including several passports. Vick offered to take Michaela away but she was adamant that she could take care of herself.

The episode ended with Asher and Michaela finding each other once again followed by a quick flash forward of a bloody Asher who clearly did something but what did he do?

While the Castillos may have poked their heads out on occasion, this cold war between them and the K4 looks to be picking up. The end may be getting more complicated with plenty of suspects being presented but hopefully this will all clear up soon and we get a clearer picture come the midseason finale.

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