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Critics w/o CredentialsNovember 14, 201993/100
John J. Gray
Crystal Liu
Running Time
47 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
FX, FX Canada
Overall Score
Rating Summary
This up and down season of American Horror Story would ultimately end on a high note with several satisfying moments.

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Synopsis: Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure. (IMDb)

As this season reaches comes to an end, we are immediately thrust into 2019 (another time jump) when Bobby Richter aka Jingles Jr. (Finn Wittrock) arrives at Camp Redwood in search of answers about his father whom he still believes to be alive. It’s not until he meets with Montana and Trevor that he learns the truth about Mr. Jingles and everyone else on Halloween in 1989. The show was clever in its delivery of these fates as they were told via flashbacks from Trevor and Montana’s account which allowed the show to seamlessly jump back and forth between eras without confusion or frustration.

The ghost’s tale explains their moral about-face in taking up Mr. Jingles’ cause with keeping The Nightstalker from exacting his revenge on Benjamin’s family or killing anyone else in the process. This resulted in all of them taking “death watches” as they look over Ramirez’s body by continually killing him as he’s resurrected. This was admittedly not only clever but so much fun to witness. For a brief moment, Ramirez escapes giving chase to Bobby as he flees Camp Redwood for Red Meadows Asylum for further answers.

This leads Bobby to Donna Chambers who has been able to live a good life away from Camp Redwood since 1989. She explains the truth about Benjamin Richter but also helps Bobby find the person who has been sending him checks his entire life – Brooke. Brooke survived the Halloween massacre back in 1989 with the help of Ray and went on to live a wonderful life without anyone knowing she was alive. In doing so, it helped her to see that Bobby was capable of having a life free from all of the monstrosities of Camp Redwood which prompted her sending him money.

Despite their best efforts, Donna and Brooke cannot keep him from returning to the camp in search of his father which he is able to finally meet only to be broken up by Margaret Booth who was killed while on the campground unbeknownst to the ghosts. Hers was a death that can only be described as EPIC and satisfying and it is with no shame that this reviewer’s heart is warmed knowing we left Camp Redwood with both Ramirez and Margaret suffering the same fates.

AHS 1984 was a wild ride that was filled with hilarious and wonderful stereotypes plucked right from the 1980s. Its characters, while not always the best, still managed to consistently entertain throughout the nine episodes. 1984 offered us new fan favorites like Trevor and thumb-less Bruce while still telling a story that spanned across decades and was grounded in what makes American Horror Story still unique after nine seasons – disregard for narrative norms.

Something that has been both admirable and frustrating is the series’ ability to tell its own story its way. This season continued this trend by taking its audience on a wild ride that had many highs and lows but ultimately ended on a pleasant note as we watched Bobby Richter set off from Camp Redwood after receiving closure from his father. Hopefully the series can give us the same send-off next season when it is its last.


  • Did Judd Nelson ever win his Oscar?  – the only true question worth asking
  • Ghost Pictionary – Chef Birdie is a catch
  • LOVED LOVED LOVED Margaret Booth’s death
  • Bruce quickly being discarded was hilarious
  • Brooke’s anti-aging just because she married a dermatologist? C’mon…
  • Bobby and his father’s moment was handled wonderfully.
  • I wish there was more of a connection to other seasons. That was an opportunity missed.

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