TV ReviewsThe Flash (6×15) The Exorcism of Nash Wells Review

Ariba BhuvadMarch 17, 202075/100
Eric Dean Seaton
Lauren Barnett, Sterling Gates
Running Time
43 minutes
Tuesdays 8pm
The CW
Overall Score
Rating Summary
An exorcism shakes things up in this strange, yet intriguing new episode of this week's The Flash.

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Synopsis: The Flash takes on a dangerous new meta that goes by the name of Sunshine; Cisco sets out to help Nash. (IMDb)

When it looked like we have seen it all on The Flash, this week’s episode involves an exorcism. Said activity involved pulling Eobard out of Nash, but it felt rather confusing and convoluted. Long story short, Thawne found a way to get Nash out of the cell that Team Flash had locked him/them in. Barry has a hard time keeping his feelings in check when it comes to Thawne (understandably so) and nearly kills him. Thankfully, Caitlin shows up before Barry does something he regrets. Because we know he will and then we will have to episodes on end watching him deal with his regret, so thank you, Caitlin!

With Cecile’s help, Cisco figures out a way to exorcise Thawne out of Wells. But it’s not as easy as it seems, and Cecile’s job proves to be rather tricky. Once inside Nash’s head, we see its a hot mess for him because Thawne is taunting and torturing him in every way he can. Apparently, Nash’s daughter was lost while he was on a mission with her, and Thawne was taking full advantage of that.

It is worth mentioning a growing frustration with Barry? He never listens to his teammates and always decides to show up when he’s told not to. So when Caitlin is dealing with the meta-of-the-week, Sunlight, Barry ruins it by showing up and jeopardizing the mission. Sunlight’s powers involve bending sunlight and melting steel, and we first see her while evil Iris and evil Kamila are trying to steal a device for Eva. Anyway, Barry botches the mission but makes up for it later when he and Joe trick Sunlight into coming to the CSI lab. By closing all the shutters, it deprives Sunlight of her power by making it dark and rendering her “normal”.

With that situation handled, it was off to help with the Wells/Thawne situation. Barry suggests using the device they did during the Thinker days which will allow them to actually get inside Wells’ mind that can’t get out of the loop Thawne has him stuck in. Once inside, Cisco forces Wells to reflect on the memory in which Maya is “lost”, and accept that it was his fault. It’s time to move on, and with all of Team Flash bringing their talents to the table, Thawne was exorcised out of Wells.

This entire ordeal did help Barry figure out how they can go about creating their own Speed Force. Nora had a journal and in it will contain the information needed to create a Speed Force, something she learned to do from Thawne. Thank you, Nora! As for the whole “mirror dimension” storyline, it’s unclear where it is leading us, and it’s getting kind of hard to care at this point. There’s no progression there and the mystery of it is making it less and less appealing.

Looks like we will have to wait until April to (hopefully) find out!

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