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Ariba BhuvadMay 13, 202080/100
Philip Chipera
Kelly Wheeler, Lauren Barnett
Running Time
43 minutes
Tuesdays 8pm
The CW
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After a tumultuous season, The Flash manages to pick up the missing pieces in its albeit early season 6 finale.

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Synopsis: Barry considers a dangerous plan to save Iris from the Mirrorverse; Ralph tries to stop Sue from making a terrible mistake that could destroy her life. (IMDb)

I have been hating on The Flash for most of its sixth season, and I still stand by my harsh criticism of it. However, given that production was halted due to the coronavirus and the series was forced to end the season early with whatever they had, I’m impressed with what they gave us.

Trying to make an ending nearly 3-4 episodes before the actual finale is surely no easy task, so they did good, and I’m impressed. Nonetheless, there are some weak moments throughout the finale, but that’s more to do with the actual story versus the ending. For a chunk of this season, we’ve been dealing with this Mirrorverse situation. Barry finally becomes aware of the fact that his Iris is stuck somewhere else, and despite his speed slowly dissipating, he has to do something to save her. Meanwhile, Eva is out of the Mirrorverse, as of last week, and now she has just one mission in mind–kill her husband, Carver. It’s basically all she really wants to do, and anything that’s happened with Team Flash has just been a casualty of that mission.

But Eva has some obstacles to overcome before she makes it to Carver, which involve the Black Hole assassins. So if they want to bring a stop to this mess, it starts and ends with Carver. Thanks to a diamond Sue gave Ralph and Allegra’s UV powers, Team Flash is able to pinpoint a location that takes them to a warehouse. There, they run into Mirror Captain Singh and learn that Carver was aware of his wife’s mirror mishap from the start. And instead of doing something to help save her, he just profited off all her technology. Not cool, dude, no wonder she’s pissed! The only thing Team Flash can offer Carver is protection, but he’s too stubborn to take it at first. But before he rejects Barry’s offer, he does drop a nugget of truth about knowing that Iris was sucked into the Mirrorverse. And he’s not entirely sure she’s doing alright there given the impact being there has on the mind. Cool, cool, cool.

It’s not until Carver’s Black Hole assassins all disappear, courtesy of Eva, that he realizes she’s out for his blood. He decides to take Barry up on the offer to go into WITSEC, similar to Joe, but is intercepted by Mirror Singh in the process, who tempts Barry with a deal to save Iris in exchange for Carver. And of course, he considers it. Things take an action-packed turn as everyone descends upon McCulloch Technologies to have a showdown. Carver hides out in his panic room, while Team Flash faces off with the Three, even Sue joins in on the fun. Even though he’s in the protection of his panic room, Carver fails to understand that Eva can travel through any form of reflection. And thus, she ends up in the room, stabs Barry when he gets in the way of her stabbing Carver. But it is not enough to stop her as she continues to push the shard through Barry and into Carver on the other side.

With Carver finally dead, Eva has her minions back off from the fight, and is on her merry way to resuming normal life. My only question is–why didn’t she help them get Iris back really quick? Just saying. Eva’s completed mission brings her out to the public eye where she tells them she was kidnapped and Carver died in the process of saving her. In reality, Carver’s murder is pinned on Sue, which will make for some interesting stories in season 7.

In all of this, Joe is taken out of WITSEC, because the threat is gone, and plus, he needs to join Team Flash if they are going to save Iris. Cisco was MIA from the finale, but we know he’s off in Atlantis getting his hands on hopefully what will help bring Iris home. And as for Iris? Well, she makes a breakthrough in the Mirrorverse, but doesn’t get much time to process it as she crouches down in pain and then…disappears. Is she alive? Where did she go? Is she back home?

Kudos to The Flash for making the best of an icky situation. You may have faltered all season, but in the end, you got it together.

Until next season, folks!

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