Hey, as you already know, my name is Keith. I’m a movie and TV blogger from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for a site called keithlovesmovies.com (original, right). On the site, we review movies and TV shows, share videos, talk about trailers, and do contests. I like long walks on the beach and sunsets …. Not really but just get me my own theatre and a popcorn machine and I’ll be happy.

When I’m not watching movies or at work (those are unfortunately 2 different things), I like to watch TV, as much as I can. I would say that my favorite movie is Her and my favorite TV show is The X-Files. My ultimate goal is to make this site as big as I can and maybe make a living off of it.


If you want more of me (and who doesn’t?), you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram or like me on Facebook. Also you can contact me via email through the form below:



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