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A Simple Favor – A Welcome Surprise

A Simple Favor is funny, thrilling, and all around delightful. Advertisements


Revisiting The Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring universe has been a staple in modern horror, releasing 5 films in the last 6 years. While they haven’t all exactly been great, one can’t help but be excited for each coming entry. In preparation for The Nun, set to release this Friday, September 7th, we’ve put together […]

Short Term 12: Does It Hold Up 5 Years Later?

Released five years ago today, Short Term 12 was met with widespread praise from critics and audiences alike. It features Brie Larson in her breakout role, and follows her character, Grace, as she navigates her personal life and her job as a supervisor at a short term foster-care facility. Five […]

A Look Back at Disney’s Live Action Remakes

In 2010, Disney launched a project with the goal of bringing their animated films to life. Starting with Alice in Wonderland, Disney has since put out several other live-action remakes, with a whole lineup planned until 2020. In anticipation of Christopher Robin, which is being released on August 3rd, here’s a look […]

5 Action Sequels To Get You Ready for Mission:Impossible Fallout

With the rave reviews pouring in for the sixth entry in the Mission:Impossible franchise, we are reminded of the great action franchises that have entertained audiences worldwide for decades. From Die Hard to Indiana Jones, and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the action genre has consistently been one of the most popular […]

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