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I love movies almost as much as I love Coffee... and David Lynch.

TIFF 2018: Firecrackers Review

This will be one of many reviews during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. If you would like to keep up with our content, click here. Advertisements


The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time – All The Novel is Lost

We all must accept the fact that Sharknado is basically a household name at this point. Anthony C. Ferrante created something that sparked an aberrant cult following and spawned five sequels, making it quite possibly the biggest mammoth that TV film has to offer.

Slender Man – A Genre Defining Delight

Internet folklore is essentially “nightmare fuel” for the digital age. It provides pre-adolescent children with a dark and hyper-violent Wikipedia page filled to the brim with so of my the most bone-chilling stories you’ll likely come across. Sometimes these tales can be pure stupidity, other times they can […]

A Brief Recap of The Mission Impossible Franchise

I grew up watching Tom Cruise fight bad guys with the ease of an immortal god. Whether it is his earth-shattering performance in Eyes Wide Shut or his classy brilliance in Collateral, Cruise has developed a slight-typecast and a sense of intensity that beautifully lends itself to every single […]

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