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A Few New Distractions (From Game of Thrones)

Bethesda had a conference last night, Game of Thrones also had their season finale but that’s not important right now. They talked about some of the games they are working on. There are only a few that I am really interested in, Fallout 4 and Doom (Doom 4).

Fallout 4

This is one that I have been waiting for a long time. Ever since Fallout 3 came out in 2008, I have been a huge fan of the series. This is evident from all the Fallout stuff I have purchased over the last few years. Fallout 3 is my second favorite game of all time (Half-Life 2 being the first). The open world, the story, the choice, that was something I never experienced before. The Elder Scrolls games kind of had that too but I was never into the whole fantasy thing. I was always more of a sci-fi fan.

When they showed off more Fallout 4 stuff, I was over the moon. The world in this game looks even bigger and more vibrant than 3. I suppose it isn’t too hard when 3 was mostly brown and grey. I like how this one starts before the war and then transitions post war. They also recorded dialogue for the playable characters where the male one is voiced by Troy Baker (I hear he’s big in this thing). There is also crafting in the game where you can build houses and then make settlements and have to defend them. You can also have multiple settlements. The amount of customization is mind blowing. Also the collector’s edition gets you a freakin’ Pip Boy.

The worse part is that I have to wait until November 10th to get it. (Shame, shame, shame … inside joke). Here’s a demo of it:

Doom (Doom 4)

There’s also Doom, it’s been 12 years since Doom 3. I played Doom 1 and 2 a lot. I liked the amount of action they had and how quickly it happened. Doom 3 was a little slower and more just things constantly popping up out of nowhere. What got me was the demo which was awesome:

I’ll probably almost be done Fallout 4 by Spring 2016 when the game comes out.


Where Nightmares Are Made

I have been working at a grocery store for nearly 7 years. People have come and gone, the store has changed, the way things are done has changed but what has the stayed the same is the PA system has not. The system would usually have announcements and play the pinnacle of easy listening music. The majority of the music is love songs because people shopping want to be constantly reminded of how alone they are. But most importantly, if a song were to play on a constant loop in hell, it would be this one:

You can always count on it to play at least once a day. Let it be in your nightmares from now on.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

I’m starting to learn this whole blogging business. In my research, I hear about this thing called Google Analytics. It’s a service that tracks page views and provides information about where viewers come from and about how they access my site and whatnot. I then thought to add it to my site. I was able to find plenty of information about adding code, plugins, editing .php files, etc. This was for self-hosted wordpress blogs but not for blogs. Why couldn’t the information be more forthcoming about this? Why didn’t I just self host in the god damn first place? I wish I knew that was an option.


Ba Da Ba Ba Ba I’m Loving It (McDonald’s)

I’ve been eating a lot of McDonald’s lately. More often than that actually. It is just so easy for me. After work, I can just get off the bus, walk there, and then walk home. I must have had every thing on the menu. I will admit that some items are better than others (pretty much everything except the McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish, how I loathe you). I think it’s pretty surprising that supersizing is actually available again. I will admit that I chose that more than I should because I am a big fan of their fries. I think this may be because all the salt but a large drink can usually fix this. I am a coke fiend. I am comfortable saying this but that would have been strange without any context. Again I have tried everything they have but my favorites have to be the Angus Bacon & Cheese Third Pounder and the CBO. Those are usually my go to choices. The people who work at the location I frequent most also seem to know me very well. They always have the large fry box ready and my orders seem to come out faster and faster because they know what I normally order.

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Here We Go ……….

Seeing that in my intro post I talked about movies and that I would talk about movies, I’m going to talk about The X-Files. It is my favorite show. I will admit that I started watching it after its initial run but when I started, I just couldn’t stop. It has a little sci-fi, action, drama, and comedy. I think it still holds up despite starting over 20 years ago. It does look a little dated when you compare the technology and the clothes to what we see today but it was 20 years ago. What amazes me is that if you know a little about the show, the main actors on the show, the actors who played Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the complete opposites of their characters when they started. Gillian Anderson believed in that stuff and David Duchovny did not. Their acting was amazing seeing that they were able to convey characters who had different views from themselves.

I was so excited when I heard that the show would be coming back this January. I was a little bummed out when I learned that it was only going to be 6 episodes but then that will probably be better because more episodes could get in the way of story progression. Also they will be shooting the show in Vancouver which was where they shot the original show during its first 5 seasons and when it was the best. To get reacquainted,  I have started re-watching all 201 episodes and both movies. What would really make my day is if they released everything on Blu-Ray. I would definitely make it rain for that. I sometimes wish I were German because their reruns are remastered and in HD or American to a lesser extent since the first 13 episodes are in widescreen HD on Netflix. Oh well, one can dream. I’ll talk about my favorite episodes very soon.

Hello World!

If you haven’t figured it out already, my name is Keith and I like movies. I watch a lot of them, some say too much. I always try to go to the theater whenever I have a chance. I can’t always go with others so I often go by myself. I find that people ask for my opinion about certain movies and they also ask for my advice when it comes to what movies they should or shouldn’t see. Some have said that I should write about my experience. After some reflection as to how to approach this issue, I have decided to do this. Those who know me know I have very little experience with this medium but I will try to learn and improve as I go along. As far as this year goes, I have seen roughly 22 movies. Continuing this pace should result in 40 + movies by the end of the year. This will be a new experience for me and I hope that I can stay with it until at least the end of the year. Just a reminder that my views are my own and they should not be used as a substitute for actual reviews written by credible published movie critics.

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