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Mandy – An Instant Cult Classic (Guest Review)

Nicolas Cage has had an interesting career. When he is on his game, he is one of the best and most committed actors of his generation and, yet, on occasion he overacts and pulls himself back down. On this roller-coaster of good and bad Nicolas Cage performances, where […]


Peppermint – A By-The-Books Revenge Thriller (Guest Review)

The revenge thriller genre has always been a staple in Hollywood’s release cycle. It started in the ‘70s with Death Wish and slowly progressed into a genre that found a heroic every person taking on a group of horrible people that wronged them in some way.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – A Surprisingly Heartwarming Netflix Original (Guest Review)

The past year has delivered some unbelievable additions to the coming of age genre including Lady Bird, Love, Simon and Eighth Grade so Netflix decided it was their turn to throw their hat in the ring. Will their attempt at dissecting high school prove to be as formidable […]

Like Father – A Royal Caribbean Cruise Advert (Guest Review)

In the continuing saga of Netflix-a-week movie releases, this film becomes the second of the summer to tackle the strained relationship between a father and their child. While the first was expected to be all about its Sandler-esque comedy, would this one follow the comedic route or find […]

Father of the Year – A Cheap Sandler Impression With Wasted Potential (Guest Review)

Not only has Adam Sandler’s Netflix deal benefited him, but it has helped bring life to his production company Happy Madison. With a Kevin James special and a Rob Schneider TV series, each of the core Sandlerverse gang were slowly getting their own deals thanks to their buddy’s […]

Disney’s Christopher Robin – Little Brain, Big Heart (Guest Review)

Disney has more or less been successful in their live action ventures as of late from The Jungle Book to Beauty and the Beast. With Fox’s Goodbye Christopher Robin not quite capturing the magic of its characters, could Disney’s version fill that Pooh-sized hole in our hearts?

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