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The Star – A Wholesome But Limited Animated Film (Guest Review)

The nativity story that inspired Christmas has been told and retold in various mediums and media, including children’s books, animated specials, and live-action feature films. Now, Sony Pictures Animation and director Timothy Reckart presents a new spin to the classic Nativity Story with the animated film The Star. […]


Thank You For Your Service – Unflinching and Uneven (Guest Review)

The American military is controversial as an institution, but the individuals who comprise the institution receive an enormous amount of empathy. They give up huge swaths of their life for one reason or another. Usually, it’s to provide a future for their fledgling family and to protect the […]

The Snowman – Spine-Numbingly Dull (Guest Review)

So this film was already climbing an uphill battle. Between Martin Scorsese dropping out as director to the new director Tomas Alfredson revealing that they didn’t shoot 10-15% of the script, The Snowman just seemed to be a lost cause from the beginning. Regardless, the cast and acclaimed […]

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – Not Another One (Guest Review)

Much like his other “Madea” movies, Tyler Perry, who directed, wrote, produced, and starred in the feature, plays his iconic character in another Halloween comedy romp for the scary season. Despite the movie getting trashed by critics (and some moviegoers) and receiving negative reviews, Boo! A Madea Halloween […]

Our Souls at Night – A Heart-Warming Romantic Film (Guest Review)

Our Souls at Night had its World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival back on September 1 – Now, mere weeks later, the folks at Netflix have released the film on select NY/LA screens for an Oscar Qualifying Run and on its streaming service for at home viewing […]

Beach Rats – A Quiet Yet Effective Coming of Age Drama (Guest Review)

Well, it’s hard to believe, but in just over one week I’ll be back in Halifax, NS for the 37th edition of the Atlantic International Film Festival. I will be seeing 20+ films during my time at the festival this year and I simply can’t wait to be […]

Home Again – A Bland Romantic Comedy (Guest Review)

Audiences love when a movie has “something for everyone.” A film like Raiders of the Lost Ark is considered perfect because it’s a light-hearted action adventure movie with a romantic subplot. However, movies strictly about romance are considered “less than” for some reason. Romantic movies are written off […]

Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 2: Determination – A Digi-Paradox (Guest Review)

In 2015, longtime fans of Digimon (“Digital Monsters”) rejoiced with the 15th anniversary of Akiyoshi Hongo’s franchise with the start of Digimon Adventure Tri; a six-part series that serves as direct sequel to the first two television series, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. Now, continuing the adventures […]

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