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The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time – All The Novel is Lost

We all must accept the fact that Sharknado is basically a household name at this point. Anthony C. Ferrante created something that sparked an aberrant cult following and spawned five sequels, making it quite possibly the biggest mammoth that TV film has to offer. Advertisements


Slender Man – A Genre Defining Delight

Internet folklore is essentially “nightmare fuel” for the digital age. It provides pre-adolescent children with a dark and hyper-violent Wikipedia page filled to the brim with so of my the most bone-chilling stories you’ll likely come across. Sometimes these tales can be pure stupidity, other times they can […]

Father of the Year – A Cheap Sandler Impression With Wasted Potential (Guest Review)

Not only has Adam Sandler’s Netflix deal benefited him, but it has helped bring life to his production company Happy Madison. With a Kevin James special and a Rob Schneider TV series, each of the core Sandlerverse gang were slowly getting their own deals thanks to their buddy’s […]

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