Wreck-it Ralph (Trainwreck Review)

Trailer (NSFW)

After her parents divorced at a young age, magazine writer Amy Townsend’s (Amy Schumer) father tells her and her sister that monogamy just isn’t realistic. Since then, she has adopted promiscuity as her credo. Despite living a uninhibited life void of commitment, she gets into a rut. When she is unwillingly assigned to write a profile about a charming sports doctor Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), she starts to fall in love with him, which would be a first for her, and he starts to fall in love with her. With this, she starts to wonder if it’s time for her to change.

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Machina Mess in Here (Ex Machina Review)

Sometime in the future, young coder Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) who works for one of the most prominent tech companies, believed he has been selected as a winner in a contest run by his company. Little did he know, he was selected to participate in an unorthodox experiment. Caleb soon travels from his office job to the isolated home/research facility of his boss, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) for a week visit. While hidden away in his home, Nathan was working on an advanced artificial intelligence named Ava (Alicia Vikander) and he then reveals to Caleb that the true purpose of his visit is to act as a consultant so he can administer a Turing Test: it’s purpose is to determine if an artificial intelligence’s personality and self-awareness is equal or greater than a human being or if it’s imperceptible to another human being.

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Coming Soon (mid-July to August)

These are the movies that I will try to see in the next 2 months. Hopefully I can get to them all but it isn’t easy getting limited releases in Ottawa.

July 17

Trainwreck (NSFW)

July 24
Paper Towns

July 29
Vacation (NSFW)

July 31
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

August 7
Fantastic Four
The Gift

August 14
Straight Outta Compton (NSFW)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

August 21
Hitman: Agent 47
Sinister 2 (NSFW)
American Ultra

August 22
Z for Zachariah

August 26
No Escape

August 28
We Are Your Friends

Come And Hang Out (The Gallows Review)

Twenty years after an accident during a school play where high school student Charlie Grimille hung to death after a prop failure, the same school attempts to bring the play back, The Gallows. Now a former football player Reese (Reese Mishler) decides to take the same role. His friend Ryan (Ryan Shoos) hangs around the set during rehearsals just to tease his castmates. Reese’s only reason for being there is because of a crush he has on one of his castmates, a girl named Pfeifer (Pfeifer Brown). When the lead actor starts to have second thoughts, Ryan develops a plan to break into the school the night before the opening night to sabotage the set to possibly create an opportunity for Reese to console Pfeifer. Reese and Ryan are able to convince Ryan’s girlfriend Cassidy (Cassidy Gifford) to go along with their plan but when they run into Pfeifer, the four of them encounter a series of strange paranormal occurrences.

There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before. I personally though it started off rather slow. This is coincidentally the problem I have with most found-footage horror films. They usually all start off a little boring and then eventually place the main character(s) in any danger. It took a while for this one to really get started as well.  I thought the plot was rather predictable  and does have some holes but you’re too busy being scared to notice (until it’s over which was when I did). The acting wasn’t that great either. Just a warning, the film is just 81 minutes long and that length did create some problems with me. The film moved with a pretty fast pace which I found unsettling and I wish they could have spent more time explaining certain elements of the plot which were glossed over. I was surprised that this film got an “R” rating since what I saw did not deserve it. There was no blood or gore or any real violence, no swearing, or any boobies whatsoever. With that, the film is made up of mostly jump scares where some are hit or miss. There were fewer of those than I would have liked but I enjoyed the suspense and the atmosphere which was at the expense of those scares. This is achieved with the eerie sound. The fact that it is a found-footage film did hurt it at certain times making it hard to follow what was going on. Most with common sense will be able to predict the plot twist coming at the ending which happens to be the worst part of the film. It is incredibly cheesy and served no purpose when compared to the rest of the film. It creates more questions than it answers. This is probably what they deemed the best thing they could have done with the amount of time they had. Casual horror move fans will be engaged but die-hard fans will be wanting more. For a decent found-footage film (although an argument could be made that it isn’t), I recommend Unfriended.

Score: 6/10

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Everything Is Still Awesome? (The Lego Movie Review)

In the LEGO universe, the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) tries to protect a superweapon called the “Kragle” from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell). Once he fails to do so, he prophesies that a person known as “the Special” will find a way to stop the Kragle. Now Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary LEGO figure who always followed the rules unwillingly becomes the Special, a being who is the key to saving his world. He later joins forces with a group of strangers who are on a mission to stop the now evil President Business and his plan to conquer the world. Unfortunately for Emmet, he is hopelessly and hilariously unprepared for such a task, but he’ll give it his all nonetheless.

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Now That’s What I Call Addiction

I previously talked about how much television I watch. I like all kinds of TV. I watch dramas, comedies, reality shows, sporting events, etc. I’ve already covered this here and here. For as long as I can remember, I have been planning my TV viewing for the week. I even made a grid in a word file where I would have sub grids for every day of the week where each individual day was divided into prime time hours (8-11 Monday-Saturday and 8-12 Sunday). I would place all the shows I watch into each hour according to the TV guide website I consult weekly which is on Zap2it. Each individual TV show would each have a few links so I could watch it online if I happened to miss it. That was more for the past. Now, I am fortunate enough to have satellite TV where I have the option of time shifting so I have multiple chances to see an episode of a certain TV show. This comes in handy when it comes to recording. I use a hard drive/DVD recorder religiously. Mine happens to be a Magnavox MDR513H/F7


It has a 500GB hard drive which holds up to 64 hours of high quality video which is enough for me since I usually delete a recorded program after I watched it. Every week I schedule all of my recordings according to my grid. If there is a conflict (since it can’t record multiple shows at once), this is when the time shifting comes in handy so I can just a record a later airing of a show. Sometimes it isn’t possible to find another airing so that is when I use the links to watch them online. If you look at the grid, you’ll see that it happens quite often. What I would do to distinguish them is I would color-code shows I record with one color and those I watch online in another. Also the shows that are not currently airing, I keep in another table along with their links for me to later insert into my day grids when I need them. If you look at those along with the shows I currently watch, you’ll see that I watch a lot of television. The grid that I’ve offered contains what I will be watching this week (without the colors).


Banana-rama (Minions Review)

Alive since the beginning of time, Minions live to serve the biggest, baddest, and most evil. After a series of unsuccessful masters find a way to perish, the Minions no longer have someone to work for, a purpose to live and they all being to grow depressed. But one minion finally decided to do something, Kevin, along with Bob and Stuart venture into the world to find their people a new evil boss to work for. Their search culminates in them meeting Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), the world’s first ever evil super villainess.

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t really a need for this movie other than an excuse to put Minions in a movie. This movie will inevitably make lots and lots of money. They’re cute, they talk funny, and they act funny. Kids (myself included) loved them from the 2 Despicable Me films and they (and I eventually will) probably have all of the related merchandise. Kids will want to see this one too and get all the eventual merchandise that will come from it.

Now to the film! Even though I am an adult, I liked it. I mentioned that I liked the 2 Despicable Me films and the thing I liked the most from them was the Minions. Despite all of these years, they still haven’t gotten old for me. But the question is could they carry a movie? The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Minions and the movie is called Minions but it did not have to focus on them as much as it did. There are other human characters in the film like Scarlet Overkill and her husband Herb (Jon Hamm) and also this family of bank robbers. I felt that they were a little underused and a little more of them would have provided some balance. Another thing that was underused was the narrator. He was used in the beginning of the film just so the viewers can understand what was going on. It could sometimes be difficult to understand what is going on when all you see is a bunch of Minions speaking gibberish. There were moments later on where more explanation would have helped. The story is simple enough. The film is a prequel to the 2 Despicable Me films so it takes place in the 60s so you’ll get all the time-appropriate references and a soundtrack with 60s music so you’ll get your Beatles, your Who, etc. The slapstick humor will keep the kids entertained and the 60s references will entertain the adults. Some of the reviews have mentioned that the plot is not compelling but I was fine with it. I would have liked it if some of the writing for some of the human characters was a little better. It wasn’t terrible but I what I liked about the Despicable Me films was how the human characters interacted with the Minions. If I had to compare this film to the Despicable Me films, this one would place third behind 1 and then 2. I personally can’t wait until their next film which will be Despicable Me 3 which comes out in 2017.

Score: 7.5/10

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There’s a Little Ryan Reynolds in All of Us (Self/less Review)

Billionaire Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) is on top of the world until he runs into a problem he can’t solve, Cancer.  His only hope is a new medical procedure called “shedding,” in which his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body. After Damian undergoes this procedure, he becomes a man named Edward (Ryan Reynolds). Once he attempts to start a new life in New Orleans,  he starts to become ravaged by visions of his new body’s past. As he begins to investigate the origin of his new body, he learns the lengths that his creators will take to protect their procedure and keep their identities secret.

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The Hall of Shame

One of my pass times, other than watching new movies at the theater, is watching really bad movies. I like movies that are terrible from top to bottom. Bad story, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad production values, all these things get me excited. I thought I’d take the time to name a few that are very near and dear to me. If you want more, I would refer to IMDB’s bottom 100 list, it’s basically the best of the worst.


After his attractive fiancee is cut into pieces in a freak accident involving a lawnmower, aspiring mad scientist Jeffrey Franken is determined to put her back together again. He sets about reassembling his girlfriend using parts from a variety of New York prostitutes. Easier said than done as his attempts do not go as smoothly as he expected and hilarity ensues. However, his bizarre plan goes awry when his reanimated girlfriend no longer wants just him, but for money will take on anybody, and afterwards try to kill them. This film also features a scene that will defy all logic and common sense but it will be hard to forget.

Full Movie (NSFW) Click the link to watch it on YouTube (can’t embed):


Rod is a young software salesman living a successful life in Silicon Valley. He meets up with old classmate and aspiring fashion model Nathalie and begins dating her. Things go well for the couple and as they grow closer, the couple remains oblivious to signs of something going wrong around them, such as unexplained wildfires and the carcasses of diseased birds turning up on beaches. Rod and Nathalie wake up one day to find that their town is under attack from eagles and vultures that spit acid and explode into flames upon striking the ground. Rod and Nathalie continue to flee from the birds, driving into a forest where they briefly meet a Tree Hugger, who explains to them that the birds have only been targeting gas stations and cars and that the attacks are the result of global warming.  As they prepare to eat dinner, they are attacked by the birds, which are suddenly and for no explained reason chased away by doves. The film was made with a very small budget and trust me, it shows.

Full Movie (NSFW):

Birdemic 2: The Ressurection

Bill, an independent film director, discovers waitress Gloria and casts her in his new film, which is financed by Rod, an entrepreneur, and his wife, Nathalie. The four travel to some tar pits where they are attacked by more birds, preserved cavemen, and zombies from a nearby cemetery. Who cares? You’re not watching it for the story anyway.

Full Movie (NFSW):

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