Banana-rama (Minions Review)

Alive since the beginning of time, Minions live to serve the biggest, baddest, and most evil. After a series of unsuccessful masters find a way to perish, the Minions no longer have someone to work for, a purpose to live and they all being to grow depressed. But […]

The Hall of Shame

One of my pass times, other than watching new movies at the theater, is watching really bad movies. I like movies that are terrible from top to bottom. Bad story, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad production values, all these things get me excited. I thought I’d take the […]

Another Pointless List

In my first blog post, I made a list of the movies that I’ve seen the last few years. Since that was almost a month ago, I thought I should update it with all the new movies I’ve seen since then. big hero 6 the hobbit 3 unbroken […]

Fallout 3 Playthrough Part 2

To get ready for Fallout 4, I decided to go back and play through Fallout 3 again. For the first part click here. After getting a little off-course in Springvale, I decided to continue with the story by going to Megaton (seen here at night). It was exactly […]