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Best Movies of 2017

It’s that time of the year again. 2017 is coming to an end for a lot of us and everybody else has posted their lists of the best and worst movies of 2017 already so it’s about time that I join in and shared mine. Out of all the movies I’ve seen this year, some were good and some, not so much. Below are the top 20 best movies of 2017:

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Dunkirk as a Silent Film

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was one of the most intense movies of the year. Its stripped down nature made it feel immersive and very suspenseful to watch as it allowed us to better experience what was happening to these characters. But what if the movie was stripped down even further? Echoing Nolan’s silent film inspirations, YouTube channel Like Stories of Old, re-edited a few clips from Dunkirk to make it into a short 8-minute black and white silent film. Unsurprisingly, it works well with excellent music and a slightly faster speed that both capture the essence of most silent films. It’s also a decent summary of the movie but you owe it to yourselves to see the original as it is one of the best movies of the year and it’s on blu-ray so you have no excuse.

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This Week in Home Video (Tuesday December 19th)

If you are unsure about this week’s DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital releases, maybe my site’s reviews can help.

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2017 Best Visual Effects Oscar Shortlist

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this year’s shortlist of potential Oscar contenders for best visual effects. Continue reading “2017 Best Visual Effects Oscar Shortlist”

Dunkirk – A New Immersive War Classic

Christopher Nolan has had quite the track record over the years, producing some of the best films in recent memory. Dunkirk is a departure for him as it will be his first film based on a true story. This film has been deemed universally as the best film of the year so far and this praise is definitely warranted.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2017: Bite-Sized *Summer Update*

With Summer in full swing, why not take another look back at my list of most anticipated films of 2017. Certain movies have come and gone and release dates changed since my last update. You can check out my most recent list here and of course you can find links to relevant site posts (if applicable). Keep in mind that all movies and release dates are subject to change and I will update the list again accordingly.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2017: Bite-Sized *Updated*

There were many great movies in 2016 and you can read my best and worst lists here and here. What exactly do we have to look forward to now that we’re in 2017? In order to help, I’ve updated my super early list of most anticipated films of 2017 that originally appeared here. Things have definitely changed since I wrote that list with new movies being announced, trailers being released, and release dates changing. Below is a list of 26 movies, with relevant links, to look forward to in 2017. If things change, I will update this list again.

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